Allstate Multiples TiltShift Miniature Scenes

AllState, the American insurance company, continues its advertising campaign with actor Dennis Haysbert, branching out into a tiltshift photography approach in “Multiples”. “Tilt-shift photography” is a technique used to transform live action to provide the appearance of a miniature scene.

AllState Tiltshift Multiples

“Multiples” opens high above a suburban home. From this vantage point, we can see a small family enter and exit their home and multiple vehicles in stop-motion-like movement. The high angle, pace of action and focus points are such that it’s difficult to tell whether the scene is composed of miniature models or a real house and people. The voice and face of Allstate, Dennis Haysbert, begins in voiceover, “You have multiple cars and multiple toys with multiple places to go. So be smart. Simplify.” A super appears over the bustling scene, “Combine & Save,” and Haysbert continues, “Get all of your insurance from one Allstate agent and you can get multiple discounts on your multiple policies. Simpler is smarter.” We cut closer to see soccer games in the yard, motorcycles revving their engines in the driveway and the mother retrieving mail from the postman; life on fast forward, all unfolding under light transitioning from morning to afternoon. Haysbert concludes, “That’s Allstate’s stand. Are you in good hands?” The Allstate logo closes out the spot.

Click on the image below to play the video.

The look in “Multiples” was created entirely in-camera, which required special considerations in both production and post. Adds director Keith Loutit, “First, our location needed to be a north-facing house to show the transition from morning to afternoon light, the frame being too wide for artificial light. The house had to have a driveway big enough to fit the action and our equipment. The house we found must be the only one in LA that meets these requirements because we saw them all.” With the location locked down, Loutit and team captured the choreographed action above the location in time-lapse with specialized lenses.


The Allstate Multiples spot was developed at Leo Burnett, Chicago, by creative director Jeanie Caggiano, copywriters Chris Warmanen, Britt Nolan, art directors Ed Odyniec, Mikal Pittman, agency producer Bryan Litman, executive agency producer Veronica Puc.

Filming for Multiples was shot by Sydney director Keith Loutit via Partizan with producer Stephan Mohammed, production designer Evan Rohde, executive producer Sheila Stepanek.

Editorial work was done at The Whitehouse, Bicoastal/Chicago/London, by editor Marc Langley, assistant editor Colin Loughlin and producer Carrie Holecek.

Music is by Aardvark, London.