Allstate Great Recovery

Allstate is connecting insurance coverage with economic recovery in “The Great Recovery”, a commercial featuring American actor Dennis Haysbert. Haysbert opens the commercial looking out over downtown Los Angeles. “Years from now, how will we look back on today? As the Great Recession or the recession that made us great?” We then see a series of shots of Americans going about their day eating, riding their bikes to work, putting up new business signage. “When the cars we built became smarter. When we the houses we bought were meant for living in, not for showing off. When we remembered that living well meant living within our means. Allstate has seen twelve recoveries. But this one is different because we’re different. This was the time when we realised that our things are not as important as the future we’re building for the ones we love. Protect yours. Put it in good hands.”

Allstate Great Recovery commercial with Dennis Haysbert


The Allstate Great Recovery ad was developed at Leo Burnett Chicago by creative director Michael Pitman, creative directors/copywriters Jeanie Caggiano and Britt Nolan, agency producer Bryan Litman and executive producer Veronica Puc.

Filming for Great Recovery was shot by director Marc Webb via DNA, Santa Monica, with director of photography Jonathan Sela, producer Paul Ure, executive producers Patricia Judice and Missy Galanida.

Editor was Marc Langley, The Whitehouse Post with assistant editor Colin Loughlin and producer Carrie Holecek.