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Aircel, one of India’s largest mobile service providers, has joined the fight to save India’s Royal Bengal tiger population from extinction. In partnership with Dentsu Communications and WWF India, Aircel has initiated a ‘Save Our Tigers’ project to get the public behind the protection of the country’s national animal. The tiger population has dropped to a current total of 1,411 in comparison to 40,000 tigers a hundred years ago. Aircel is using print, outdoor, online, radio and television advertising encouraging people to not only make donations but join the movement and spread the news. The campaign is centred on the website as well as on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Save Our Tigers site

The Save Our Tigers campaign portrays the world as it’s seen through the eyes of a six-months old tiger cub named Stripey by Dentsu Communications. In the campaign’s video Stripey is shown to be waiting for his mother that will never return, probably killed by poachers. Like any child, he’s lost, and hungry. The story of the cub provides a different angle on the poaching problem and provides a connection to the horrifying statistic that there are 1,411 tigers left in India. The commercial ends with a listing of some of the things people can do to help the Save Our Tigers cause.

People can join a fun pledging section on called ‘Join the Roar’. Participants can pick from a series of tiger pictures, choose a square in a mosaic grid and enter their contact details to fill the piece and complete the photo. So far 190,831 people have joined.

Save Our Tigers site


The Save Our Tigers campaign was developed at Dentsu Communications by national creative director Shivanand Mohanty, creative director Sangeeta Velegar, art directors Samson Samuel, K. Nagalakshmi, copywriters Sangeeta Velegar, Harish Arora, Mohanarangan. K , concept designers Shivanand Mohanty, Sangeeta Velegar, Samson Samuel.

Filming was shot by directors Rickii Kapoor at Cutting Edge, Rajesh Saathi at Keroscene Films and Shiva Shiv at Tellywise. Post production was done at Prime Focus.

Indian celebrities behind the campaign are Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, footballer Baichung Bhutia and actors Suriya, Kabir Bedi and Shernaz Patel. Voice-overs are provided by Kabir Bedi and Shernaz Patel.

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  • Ashish

    Plz plz save our tiger if we nt there vl be no more tiger 2 see

  • prachi

    plzzzz save our tigers otherwise they were soon came to extinct species n our nxt generation no more will see them…….

    • Rashpal singh

      Plzzz frndzz save our tigers not only for present it also needed for nxt gnration.

  • Charlotte Harrington

    What’s interesting to note is that there are more tigers in USA than in the wild.

  • Ritesh Gupta

    Save our Tiger not just it’s our national animal and not just that we have not much tigers left but to take care of those tiger that left in our contury.So plz save and care for our Tigers that keeps our enviorment good.

  • kushagra pofle

    plz plz save our tigers.they were in great danger
    save them 4r mankind
    4r environment
    4r humans
    take steps 2wards humanism
    2wards tiger.

  • arunbokade

    plz plz save our tiger our national animal and not just that we have not much tiger left but to take care of those tiger that left in our country..

  • abdur rahim

    It is an appeal to all Indian plz come forward to save our national animal. If we don’t any action on this the time come that tigers become history. They are in great dangered. It our duty to save national animal not only for this but also for our ecosystem.

  • kaustubh patil

    this is important to save our tigers…only 1411 tigers left in our indian ….plz take an action on this case …


    please save our tigers.Only 1411 left,be a REAL HERO by saving`em

  • Anuj

    Please save our tigers because they are our future. They are top of the food chain. As they are our national animal

  • Anuj

    Save tigers.
    Save future.
    Save yourself.

  • Anuj

    Plzzzz…………….. save our tiger 4you because our national animal will not be seen after 20 years. Why we kill them just think over it? And stop

  • sunindu

    only 1411 tigers r

  • ammu

    save the tiger, the biggest of the big cats or else it may vanish forever

  • Ram



  • Swarup Halder


  • DINESH 123

    I want my grandchildren to see tigers….
    so save them

  • geeta mishra

    please save the tiger
    i request from all indian people
    it is a national animal so please save the tiger it is the king of jungle

  • adarsh verma

    i reqest the all indians .
    please help save the tigers.

  • Lily

    Please help save the tigers, they are majestic creatures that do not deserve to be killed brutally just so people can get money. We are the cause of all of this. Without them, our entire ecosystem would fall apart.



  • vikram.v

    plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz save our tigers it is a natural animal. people are need lessly killing the tigers if they will do like this we can’t see the tigers in live we should see only in photos so i request to all humans to save our nashional animal
    Thank you

  • uttam

    ppls pls save our national animal.y v want 2 kill tem we love them a lot…….!if v love tem a lot vshould n must save them.pls save our big cats……….pls!!

  • Shivam Singh

    We must save our tigers just not because that they are our national animals but also because such a wonderful and beautiful species of cat’s family are in danger .
    The poachers are hunting them regularly in spite of banning of their hunting . Therefore we must raise our voice and save them.

  • arpit

    save the tigers

  • Nitin Shirsath

    This is our duty to save Indian Tigers
    Come together to save the KING of Jungle

  • vikas kapoor

    Plz plz save tige
    Indian save tiger club in facebook
    the KING of Jungle

  • udit m singh

    plzzz…………….. save our tiger as they have also right to leave like us plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t kill them and secure their future.