AIDS Task Force Clothing

Aids Task Force in Israel recently produced a print advertising campaign reminding people about the connection between unprotected sex and HIV/AIDS. A young man lies in bed alone, possessions strewn around the room, with clothes gathering to spell out “Unprotected sex leaves you with a doubt. Get rid of the doubt. Take a quick anonymous test at the Israel AIDS task force, get an answer in 30 minutes. For more information go to

AIDS Task Force Clothing


The Clothing ad was developed at Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv, by chief creative officer Gideon Amichay and Tzur GOlan, creative director Amit Gal, copywriter Orit Bar-Niv, art director Shirley Eva Bahar, photographer Gil Lavi, account supervisor Shiran Chen, account manager Inbal Stern, working with AIDS Taskforce director Adam Polachek.

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