AIDES, the French organisation focused on AIDS in France and Europe, has released “Un Vie” (A Life), a commercial reminding viewers about the life and death seriousness of the epidemic. We’re introduced to a hospital patient, Victor (Axel Wursten), who narrates his life from the end of it, to the beginning of it. After descriptions of grandchildren, children, a marriage and travelling, we discover that at the age of 20, the narrator became HIV positive and thus, will not have the life that has just been described. AIDES this year marked 25 years in the fight against discrimination, for prevention, tolerance and openness to patients. The original “Un Vie” in French was shown on French television pro bono on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010.

Aides A Life commercial


The Life ad was developed at TBWA Paris by creative directors Rémi Noel and Eric Holden, copywriter Pierre-Louis Messager, art director Marianne Fonferrier, agency producers Guillaume Faurel and Maxime Boiron, and account manager Veronique Fourniotakis.

Filming was produced at Les Tempes Modernes with production director Marie Bordaz and Gang Films director K-Roll. Although a few of the shots in the movie were filmed by the agency, most of it is comprised of home videos, donated anonymously.

Music is “La Belle Vie” , featuring the words of Jean Broussolle and music of Sacha Distel © Prosadis, performed by Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc.

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