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AgencyNet, a marketing agency with “Digital DNA”, has launched AgencyNet 2.0 an award-winning redevelopmen of their online presence, our Site of the Day today. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and New York City, the agency specializes in strategic digital and social experiences with core expertise in Mobile, Dynamic HTML, Flash, video, platform and application development, and consumer / brand strategy. Building on the much talked about experiential nature of their previous site, AgencyNet is using their web-presence to showcase the agency’s people and innovation-driven culture in an immersive, 3D representation of their offices in NYC and South Florida. The new site was named the FWA site of the day on the same day as FWA’s new site launch.

Agencynet Site

Click on the image below to play the video.

The agency has integrated real-time Twitter feeds directly into the site’s homepage for every member of the staff, letting the true voice of the agency shine through. Conversation is open to visitors in the site’s “Philosophy” section, where users are invited to weigh in and share their passions.

The new site complements an existing presence for the agency across major social networking sites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and mobile (, where content is updated regularly with the help of over 20 company bloggers and over 40 active micro-bloggers.

Agencynet Site

But culture and people are only part of the picture. The engaging, experiential site sits alongside the agency’s well-regarded corporate blog—ANidea. At any point in the site experience, a user can click to reveal related content, dynamically sourced from the company blog, via a unique “SlideBar” mechanism. Instead of pulling the blog content into the site experience or forcing the user to leave via a new window, the “SlideBar” allows the user to seamlessly transition between the portfolio site experience and the agency’s thought-leadership blog. Two different sites, one user experience.

Agencynet ANIdea Site

Today’s biggest brands hire AgencyNet to innovate. The site was used to demonstrate the team’s broad skill as well as curiosity. The agency employs a range of emerging technologies: gesture-based navigation, holophonic sound, and real-time mobile integration that lets users pilot a toy helicopter from their iPhone as it darts through the 3D office environment.

“Many get hung up on the technology debate, but it really should be about the ways your brand connects with people across an expanding spectrum of screens, platforms and technologies. We develop experiences that are appropriate for each channel.” Lent continues, “The web provides useful tools and up-to-the minute information, but the digital medium has enormous power to deliver a rich, sensory experience as well. Our new .com, integrated with ‘ANidea,’ demonstrates that our agency delivers both.”

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