AEIOU Bubbles Hope for Autistic

The AEIOU Foundation, an Australian not-for-profit organisation focused on autism, has launched “Bubbles”, a television commercial canvassing support and cash donations. A bubble is used to depict the world of an autistic child, with early intervention, there is a chance for them to “break-out” of the bubble and connect with their loved ones and the larger world.

AEIOU Bubble

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Bubble spot features Isaac, who has autism but is proof of the AEIOU’s method of early intervention. Two years ago he couldn’t talk or make eye contact. Isaac also appears on the AEIOU site, in which online visitors are able to create new bubbles representing their financial commitment.

AEIOU Bubble


The Bubble ad was developed at SapientNitro, Brisbane, by creative directors Nancy Hartley and James Burchill, art director Lisa Dupre, copywriter Merrin McCormick, producer Imogen Dick.

Filming was shot by directors Damon Escott and Stephen Lance via Head Pictures (now signed with Taxi Film, Brisbane) with producer Leanne Tonkes.

The commercial was shot using a Sony F-35, with a Phantom camera used for ultra slow motion shots of actual bubbles made by Australia’s premier bubble artist, Allan Cullen.

Post production was done at Cutting Edge, Brisbane, by VFX producer Colin Renshaw.

Music is by Decoder Ring. Voice over is by Toni Collette.