Ads of the World Entrust Your Work

Ivan Raszl at Ads of the World has commissioned a set of print advertisements promoting the site. The tag line, “Entrust Your Good Stuff” is accompanied by references to Cadbury’s Gorilla commercial, Ikea’s Lamp ad, Sony’s Bravia Balls film, the Philips Carousel film, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival Clarence ad, Nova Radio Vinyl Art prints, Lego’s Imagine prints, and Greenpeace’s Boomerang prints.

Ads of the World Generic advertising

Ads of the World Carousel advertising

Ads of the World Gorilla advertising

Ads of the World Lamp advertising


The campaign was developed at 1789, Paris, by creative directors Baptiste Clinet, Jo Dubruque and Nicolas Lautier, photographer Louis Vincent, retoucher Wilineo at A Present, Paris.

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