Adidas Star Wars on Street Corner

Adidas Originals has partnered with the Star Wars franchise to produce a collection of sneakers and apparel inspired by the six part film series. From a galaxy far, far away to a street corner near you, the campaign is being launched with a Facebook/related Death Star application, a series of local launch parties, and a 60 second commercial featuring Darth Vader and well known Adidas ambassadors. The Adidas Originals Facebook site features a collection of sneakers and apparel inspired by the film series.

Adidas Star Wars Death Star Application

The Death Star application connects with imagery and geographical location from the user’s Facebook profile to produce a startling experience of the alliance between Adidas and the Empire. The Death Star, under the comand of Lord Vader, has arrived at Earth to deliver a message.

Adidas Star Wars ad

In the 60 second commercial Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers are greeted by Adidas ambassadors Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Calle 13, DJ Neil Armstrong and Daft Punk. The video is public on Youtube,, and today.


The Adidas Star Wars Street Corner campaign was developed at Sid Lee, Montreal, by creative director Kris Manchester, with Adidas executives Tom Ramsden and Jess Weinstein.

Filming was shot by director Nima Norizadeh via Partizan, London. Editor was Daniel Sherwin at Final Cut. Special effects were produced at The Mill, London. Sound was designed by Mathieu Lafontaine, and mixed at Boogie Studio, Montreal, produced at Sid Lee’s inhouse production company Jimmy Lee.

The Star Wars Collection

The Adidas Originals Star Wars Collection includes the Storm Trooper shoes, Skywalker shoes, X Wing Samba shoes, Millennium Falcon shoes, Tie Fighter Nizza shoes, the All-Terrain Armored Transport, or the AT-AT, Death Star shoes, Micropacer shoes, Yoda ZX 700 Boat shoes, Darth Vader track top, and Darth Vader XZ 8000 shoes.

Adidas Storm Trooper Shoes

Adidas Skywalker Shoes

Adidas X Wing Samba Shoes

Adidas AT AT Forum Mid Shoes

Adidas Millennium Falcon Shoes

Adidas Tie Fighter Nizza Shoes

Adidas Death Star Shoes

Adidas Micropacer Shoes

Adidas Yoda ZX 700 Boat Shoes

Adidas Star Wars T-Shirt

Adidas Darth Vader Tracktop

Adidas Star Wars Hooded Flock

Adidas Darth Vader ZX 8000 Shoes