Adbusters Carnivalesque Rebellion

Adbusters, the anti-consumerism activist network, is running “Carnivalesque Rebellion”, a campaign associated with Buy Nothing Day and Thanksgiving sales mania in the USA. From November 22nd to the 28th, culture jammers of all kinds, from artists to churchgoers, anarchists to carpenters, are invited to disregard the illegitimate laws of consumer society, honoring instead the dictates of their hearts and the demands of their conscience. The week of creative resistance is the focus of the November/December issue of the Adbusters magazine.

Adbusters Carnivalesque Rebellion Live poster

Adbusters Carnivalesque Rebellion Live poster

Adbusters Carnivalesque Rebellion Live Week

“With little time remaining before these events, what is needed now is not a treatise on the injustice of consumerism. It is true that 36 million humans starve to death each year, that there is an island of plastic the size of Texas floating in the ocean, and that one in four Americans have a mental illness. But these facts roll across our consciousness; they do not impel us to remake society. Whether we have become desensitized to the severity of our plight or our minds simply cannot fathom the direness of our situation, the fact remains that today what we need is the opposite of information.

The success of our insurrection will not depend on quantity of the crowd nor extent of the media coverage. In some cities the rebellion may be invisible and in others its impact downplayed. None of that matters. The Carnivalesque Rebellion will be victorious when we stop waiting for the majority, the mainstream, or the consumer class to give us permission to rebel. The revolution against consumerism will come when we trust our intuition and find within ourselves the permission to act.

The Carnivalesque Rebellion is, above all else, a chance to rise above cynicism, skepticism, and ironic detachment. It is an invitation to don the prankster’s mask, to regain the sense of magical possibility, and to finally start living.”

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