AAMI What About Me

Australian insurance company AAMI has launched a safe drivers reward program with an advertising campaign centred around the Moving Pictures song, “What about me?”. A television commercial presents humorous situations that have led to people claiming insurance payouts, along with an Aussie battler who has never needed to claim anything. The campaign, launched on December 26, 2009, has been continued with print, outdoor, radio and digital advertising, along with sponsorship of cricket over the summer season.

AAMI rewards good drivers

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“The ad depicts an extreme scenario of drivers who aren’t paying attention and cause accidents. It’s an exaggerated look at the things that people do while driving that cause accidents,” said AAMI Executive Manager Richard Riboni.


The What About Me campaign was developed at BADJAR Ogilvy, Melbourne, by creative director Michael Knox, senior copywriter Fergus Donaldson, senior agency producer Tim Marxsen, senior digital art director Nicholas Desira, senior account director Nick Muncaster, accoutn managers Matt Rose and Leah Carew.

Filming was shot by director Patrick Hughes via Radical Media with producer Sam Mead. Editor was Michael Houlihan at MRPPP.

Sound and music were produced at Electric Dreams.
Sam Hopgood – Soundlounge (Music + Sound Production)

producers Cornel Wilczek, Andrew Callaghan, Henry Wagons, James Cecil, John Lee & Jojo Petrina

AAMI staff were executive manager of marketing Richard Riboni and advisor brand communications marketing Nicole Nuthall.

“What About Me” is a song written by Garry Frost and Frances Swan, first recorded by Australian rock band Moving Pictures from their album Days of Innocence. It was the band’s first number-one single in Australia spending six consecutive weeks on the top; there, it was the second-highest selling single of 1982.

AAMI rewards safe drivers

  • Al

    Holy cow, that must have taken one heck of a budget.

  • Boris

    The ditsy woman who was drying her hair is familiar. Can anyone remember what tv program she appeared on?

  • Joel

    Nikki Osborne? Quizmania

  • daffie

    where was this filmed?…the street looks familiar.

  • Jay

    I have been an AAMI customer for more than 15 years (home contents and comprehensive car), but seriously considering pulling my business just on principle of these idiotic and grating ads from AAMI. I am sick and tired of being irritated by one stupid ad after another. (Still annoyed by the multi-lingual call-centre ad which makes absolutely no sense at all and is pointless.)

    If AAMI think these ads are leaving a great impression with their clients (both current and prospective) they are sadly deluded and have been duped by their ad agency – was there any focus groups done before sending this crap to air BTW?

    This latest one takes the cake. I can carry on about how silly the supposed “stereotypical accidents” are but what really gets me is when the guy sings: “They get the same as I did” which is not only bad grammar, but also contradicts him saying that he has never claimed before.

    I am just an ordinary bloke and not high-brow at all and would like to think I have a decent sense of humour and love a piss-take as much as the next person, but this ad is just simply bad. If this ad has driven up business I stand corrected, but I will be quite disappointed if this indeed enticed my fellow Australians to pick up the phone and call AAMI for a quote as opposed to quickly grabbing for the remote to quickly change channels for 30 seconds.

    Actually I am so annoyed now after writing this I think I am going to call some other companies now for quotes. Seeya AAMI.

  • kevin egen

    but where was it made , what town and state

  • Anna

    I agree with Jay. Have you seen the new one? It is even more nauseating than the first. The bad grammar is disgraceful, I am fresh from leaving a comment on their website telling them to get a dictionary. I think we should all change insurance companies.

  • mike church

    Whoa, jay wig out, it is an advertisement, there are much worse ads, and the phrase “they get the same as i did” its part of the song, songs hardly ever have lyrics that make complete sense.

  • Mike Hunt

    I must be stupid, I cant work that ad out for love or money. Everyones having an accident and he/shes singing what about me, it isnt fair, they get the same as I did.

    Ok. If he is with AAMI whats he whinging about. If hes not with AAMI why did he say did. They get the same as I did. Does that mean he was with AAMI and wants to go back. Or he is with AAMI.

  • Dooshy

    This advert is really very stoop. I mean seriously that guy is like my dad trying to be cool. Not good.

  • Aidan

    who is the chick in then lobby that says “what about me?” she looks familiar

  • George Dillon

    Who is the guy singing the song”fair”