5 Gum Street Raid

Fans of Wrigley’s 5 Gum are being introduced to the Limited Edition 5 Gum Tin with 5 Gum Street Raid: a ‘treasure hunt’ conducted online. Using Google Street View as a platform, 5 Gum have hidden one hundred and twenty Limited Edition 5 Gum Tins in 10 cities. Each day for the next 10 days, 5 Gum’s Facebook fans will be given access to one of those cities in order to search and score a tin for themselves. Street Raid will hit major destinations online throughout Australia and New Zealand before a grand finale in New York City on December 10, with big prizes up for grabs in the Big Apple. The campaign is online at the 5 Gum Facebook page where seekers can find location hints.

5 Gum Street Raid

5 Gum currently boasts the fifth largest brand Facebook group in Australia, with over 234,000 fans – however the Street Raid promotion will hopefully propel them to the number 4 spot or beyond. Pre-launch interest has been promising, with 5 Gum Facebook fans discussing the promotion and possible Street Raid sites on 5 Gum’s Facebook wall days prior to the launch.

Click on the image below to play the 5 Gum Street Raid video.

Clemenger Head of Digital Daniel Polanco attributes the encouraging initial response to the simplicity of the idea:

‘‘Find a tin on Street View. Click on it. It’s yours. Great ideas should be explained in one sentence. Street Raid combines simplicity of execution, exclusivity of prizes and an entertaining interface that delivers a full experience just right for the 5 Gum audience and it establishes a positive association with the brand.”

5 Gum Street Raid launched in Sydney yesterday (Wednesday December 1) and will open up for Melbourne at 5pm today, with a launch in Auckland on Friday.


The Street Raid campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, by creative directors Paul Nagy and Mike Spirkovski, head of digital Daniel Polanco, art director Adam Lock, copywriter Emma Lord, agency digital producer Klara Leander, digital designer Tracey Barden, programmer guru Kohn Knutsson, account team Joel Sussman, Andrew Howie and Anna Holmes working with Wrigleys brand manager Craig Harkness and assistant brand manager Ken Russell.