Young Director Award Born To Create Drama

The 2009 CFP E Shots Young Directors Awards were promoted this year with a poster campaign featuring the tag line, “Born to create drama”. A boy sits on the floor setting up domestic scenes, using a pair of scissors and a condom (Accident), lipstick and a collar (Affair). The Awards were sponsored by The Commercial Film Producers of Europe (CFP-E) and Shots magazine and received 300 entries.

Young Directors Awards Accident print advertisement

Young Directors Awards Accident print advertisement


Affair and Accident were developed at TBWA\PHS, Helsinki, Finland, by art director Minna Lavola, copywriters Mira Olsson and Markku Haapalehto, photographer Jere Hietala, image editing studio Fake Graphics, typographers Sanna Tamminen, Margit Mardisalu, art buyer Kirsi Pärni, account supervisor Jaana Åberg, advertiser’s supervisors Francois Chilot and Birthe Moller.

See earlier posters dating back to 2000 on the Young Directors Award Blog, including Bunny and Gorilla (2008), Mountain and Balls (2007), Coppola, Chaplin and Eisenstein (2006), Alfred, Quentin and Freddy (2005).

Click on the image below to play the 2009 promo video (Lipstick) in YouTube