Yoplait Pledge for Breast Cancer Awareness

Yoplait is encouraging Gen Y women in the United States to lower their risk of breast cancer by taking the Yoplait pledge online at Facebook. The campaign provides a page where women can become fans, take the pledge, gift risk-lowering tips to the friends, donate their status. Funds provided by Yoplait will go towards research conducted by Dr Kristi Egland, working with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Yoplait Pledge

The Facebook page includes a section, accessible to women only, where participants can take a quiz on breast cancer risk and share ther “tagged girls” with other young women.

Know Your Girls Yoplait Pledge page

“I pledge allegiance to my girls, to my chee chees, to my hooters, to my ta-tas, to my gazongas, and their normal state of being. I will tell my doctor about any sign of changes I see or feel, immediately. With sensitivity and tenderness for all.

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The Yoplait Pledge campaign was developed at Publicis Modem New York by executive creative director Patrick Clarke, creative director Roald Van Wyk, art director Katherine Kuni, copywriter Kate Lummus, agency producer Megan Kelly, technical lead Drew Ziegler.

Filming was shot by director collective Pistachios via Blacklist with executive producer Adina Sales, producer Karen Lawler and director of photography/editor/colorist Måns Swanberg.

Music and sound designed were produced by Antfood.

The Facebook campaign was developed at Vitrue.