WWF Australia Ticks

WWF Australia is using an animated music video to challenge individual Australians to support their natural environment. The 2:21 and 60 second ads show the impact of pledged support on the habitats of native mammals, reptiles and birds, with the support of Fleet Foxes track, “White Winter Hymnal”.

WWF Australia Ticks ad

WWF worked with Leo Burnett Sydney and XYZ Studios to animate the ticked box, a universal symbol for pledged support. That ticked box joined forces with hundreds of other animated ticks, building habitats around some of Australia’s precious native animals so they can survive.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Ticks campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Sydney by executive creative directors Andy DiLallo and Jay Benjamin, copywriter Rupert Taylor, art director Dave Ladd, account service team Paul Everson and Jodi McLeod, and agency producer Adrian Shapiro.

Animation was directed by Stephen Hawkins via XYZ Studios with producer Hamish Macdonald.

Lyrics for White Winter Hymnal

I was following the pack
all swallowed in their coats
with scarves of red tied ’round their throats
to keep their little heads from fallin’ in the snow
And I turned ’round and there you go
And, Michael, you would fall
and turn the white snow red as strawberries
in the summertime