Wrigleys Solstice 5

Wrigleys 5 Gum picks up the global interest in warming and cooling with “Solstice”, a television commercial turning the science of flavor-making into an event that is both explosive and chilling.

Wrigleys 5 Gum Solstice

As the commercial opens, we find ourselves in an enormous – presumably secret – location (the brand’s shadowy ‘5’ logo stenciled on the rear wall offers only a hint of context). The camera moves in on a glass sphere in which the Solstice 5 package is housed. The package bursts into a huge fireball; not only does it withstand the heat, it gradually turns cold. The temperature drops rapidly, causing the package to become encased in ice. Finally, the glass shatters, falling away to reveal the striking Solstice 5 box intact.

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“Building the Wrigley’s world around the pack was an interesting experience,” recalls Hopp. “We started very early with CG, from concepts we developed with the agency. We had a lot of fun figuring out how we would crystallize the flame, and I’m quite satisfied with what we came up with, which works really well with the framing the agency went for. I think it’s a really nice :15, a product shot that fits in very well with the impressive Wrigley’s ad campaign we’ve seen in the past.”

Here’s an earlier ad for the same brand…

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The Solstice 5 ad was developed at BBDO Toronto by creative director Ian Mackellar, copywriter Jamie Marcovitch, art director Todd Cornelius, producer Adriana Laborde.

Filming and visual effects were produced at Eight VFX, by director/VFX supervisor Jean-Marc Demmer, director/CG supervisor Fred Hopp, VFX executive producer Baptiste Andrieux, CG artists Mathias Jourdes, Shuichi Nakamara, Chein-I Kao, and VFX producer Marsi Frey.

Music was produced at Tattoo Sound and Music, with sound produced by Tommy Zee.

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