Wrigley 5 Feed in Australia

Wrigley’s Five range of gums has been launched in Australia with a range of social networking media designed to involve members of the public in the emergence of the brand down under.

The 5 Feed Site

Wrigleys invites viewers to get a sense of how it feels to chew Five Gum online at the 5Feed home page, 5 Feed YouTube site, Twitter feed, Facebook page, and Flickr feed.

The sugarfree gum, with three variants, Pulse (Tropical), Electro (Spearmint) and Cobalt (Peppermint), was launched in 2007 in an international campaign developed by AMV BBDO, London and BBDO Energy, Chicago. See the three television commercials in my earlier post, Wrigleys New 5 Gum To Stimulate Your Senses. Clemenger BBDO Sydney have adapted the visual effects laden television commercials and added them to a mix of photography, music and design, inviting consumers to create mashups or submit their own effort.

5Feed Flickr images

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