Wrangler Stop Thinking

Wrangler Jeans are presented as the clothing for the extreme sports market in “Stop Thinking”, a television and online commercial with a call to let our spontaneity, unconsciousness and immediacy speak. Base jumping, boxing, mountain climbing, fire fighting, rock climbing, moto cross, Grid Iron, and the rodeo all lead to www.weareanimals.com.

Wrangler Stop Thinking

Could a base-jumper jump if he considers the distance he will fall? Could a boxer fight if he thinks about the risk to life and limb? Could a fireman throw himself into the flames if he reflects upon his chances of survival? Could a mountain climber reach the summit if he thinks about the void separating him from the ground? If we think about potential risks, possible consequences, and likely failures, we make it impossible to achieve great things. Reason is a brake. All we have to do is STOP THINKING.


The Wrangler Stop Thinking campaign was developed at Fred & Farid, Paris, by creative directors/copywriters Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart, art director Feng Huang, Yannis Rachid, Frederic Lung, Philippe Pinel, Benoit Armstrong, and agency producer Robin Accard.

Filming was shot by director Yannis Rachid via DPE7, Paris.