Got Milk in Spanish

The California Milk Processor Board in 2008 launched an advertising campaign focused on Spanish speaking consumers, promoting the benefits of milk for women suffering from PMS and people needing solid sleep. Tje familiar tag line Got Milk? became Toma Leche, embodied in the interactive Spanish language site

Annuncios de TV on Toma Leche web site

La Bruja

There once was a town which was terrorized every month by a terrible witch. Things settled down, however, once she discovered the power of milk.

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Sidelin the Elf manages to sleep through everything with the help of his nightly glass. If you want a good night’s sleep, it pays to drink your milk.

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La Bruja and Elfo were developed at Grupo Gallegos, Los Angeles, by executive creative director Favio Ucedo, creative director Juan OubiƱa, art directors Curro Chozas and Saul Escobar, copywriters Fernando Fryd and Lulu Reynal, agency producer Carlos Barciela.

Filming was shot by director Pucho Mentasti via Blue Productora, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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