Wiserhood Society of Uncompromising Men

Wiser’s Canadian Whisky, a product of Corby Distilleries, is being promoted by the Wiserhood, the Society of Uncompromising Men. The television campaign, launched in 2008, is online at www.wiserhood.com and Wikipedia. The Wiserhood are men who recognize and quite literally applaud those with the qualities necessary to be deserving of the most uncompromising whisky on the planet. Wiser’s Canadian Whisky.

Wiserhood Society

Comedian Gerry Dee know’s it’s time to stop wearing that annoying sweater with the hole under the armpit. Click on the image below to play the Hole video in YouTube

Time to put down that electric carving knife and get out a real blade… Click on the image below to play the Turkey Carver video in YouTube

Deep in color. Warm toffee aromas. Finishes smooth with a hint of spice and oak… Click on the image below to play the Moustache video in YouTube


The Wiserhood campaign was developed at John St, Toronto by creative directors Angus Tucker and Stephen Jurisic, art director Nellie Kim, copywriter Chris Hirsch, agency producer Nicole Andrisevic.

Filming was shot by director Craig Brownrigg via Radke Film Group, Toronto, with director of photography Sean Valentini, and executive producer Scott Mackenzie, producer Andrew Graham. Editor was Griff Henderson at School Editing. Audio was produced at Vapor Music.


The Wiserhood Society have moved to Facebook, facebook.com/wiserhood, with two new commercials, set in an indoor rock climbing club and art gallery.

Click on the image below to play the Rock Climbing video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Art Gallery video in YouTube

  • Janice Lucas

    I’m looking to purchase if possible the banner of the Wiser’s Brotherhood of Men that is displayed at the end of each commercial.
    Is the possible as my hubby just loves these commercials. Looking forward to your response


  • Jim

    Hey Janice…were you able to find a banner.
    I’am looking for the same….please let me know if you found a source.



  • Lawrence Bobo

    What a Stupid commercial ! I got no idea what your selling- Just a bunch of old guys clapping like Idiots .

  • Lawrence Bobo

    PLEASE -Get this STUPID Commercial off TV .

  • Michael Bliss

    Have your advertising people lost their minds? Do you realize that the Wiserhood ad set in the art gallery literally applauds the illegal desecration of paintings? It’s hard to believe that a reputable company should sponsor an advertisement like this – it goes far beyond bad taste.
    My guess is that you are opening yourselves to the worst kind of media publicity if someone – as I may – complains to the media. You should get this off the air right away. It’s a classic advertising screw-up.

  • Marty

    Mr. Bliss … I think you’ve interpreted this commercial all wrong because you actually assumed that the tripe he is fondling is “art”. I wouldn’t hang that crap on my fridge. Great commercial – gets the point across very well: when it’s BS, call it BS.

    • buddyholly

      The ads are BS. Who today would want to look like the bore in corduroy?

  • So let me be sure I get this: If a guy’s so pussy-whipped he’s afraid to tell his wife to piss off, he won’t wear a really, really stupid-looking matching sweater, so instead he gutlessly rips it and lies to her, then he’s an “uncompromising man”? Or, if a guy is so pussy-whipped he he’s afraid to tell his wife “Sorry, no art museum for me today”, and makes a complete arse of himself by touching the art like a retarded teenager to get thrown out of the museum rahter than asserting himself, he’s an “uncompromising man”?Sorry guys, they’re both just pussy-whipped, deceitful, gutless cowards. Count any real man out of this Toronto definition of “uncompromising man”. But the guys who create commercials are all limp-wristed anyway, so what would they know?

    • Brooks

      I hope you don’t knit pick everything you see on tv so intensely like this. If so everything has to suck. Just take it for what it is, and lighten up. What’s a good comercial in your opinion? The new coors light vented pack? (No can’t be, because when the one guy rips the vents into buddies shirt, it rips to perfectly to be believeable)

      • Grammar Police

        It’s “…too perfectly to be believable”, not “to”.

  • John DeLuca
    • Grammar Police

      I believe you mean: “They’re back!!”

  • Canadian Joe

    These commercials are clever, humorous and reflect the sort of stories that every guy will tell over a campfire with his buddies….I think they are great and reflects the product and target market….I don’t understand those who have commented that they watch these commercials looking for moral guidance to teach their kids. The viewers will obviously get the point and the humor. I too would like to locate a banner, hang it up at the cottage where good friends meet and share funny stories.


    Canadian Joe


      I really want a banner or two myself!!! willing to PAY $$$$. how do i find’m??
      These commercials are “GREAT”and i want “MORE”!!! For those of you that can’t grasp the feeling of these probably “don’t even drink”…. These coms are a great thing to the hoodmanship of “all” MEN!!! As the old saying goes(IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THEN DON’T SAY ANYTHING “AT ALL”)
      Go have a few drinks and watch some commercials!!! life is only as good as you put into it….

  • Amy

    Hey I know this was a long time coming but you can buy the banner from the end of these commercials, as well as a bunch of other things.


  • David Hatherly

    Please stop your ads. They are simply awful. Not even good in an “ironic” way.

  • Matt

    Hah, well their ads can’t be that bad if they got you hear to talk about about them Mr. Hatherly. While you’re at it maybe you can google “Sense of Humor”.

    And for fun, your sense of humor is simply awful.

    • Grammar Police

      That would be “here to talk about them”. And it’s “humour”, here in Canada.

  • Jude Toy-Keet

    The commercial where the wife hands her husband her purse to hold at the mall – he then drops it on the flloor and picks it up in a plastic bag like doggie poo. Good one, Wiserhood!~ You are promoting how all assholes should act with their loving wives. You and your whiskey should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Brooks

      Judging by your sense of humor you don’t have one (or a real one that anyone has met)

    • the wiserhood

      You are promoting how all assholes should act with their loving wives????? its a joke and so are people like you dont you have something better to do then complain go to work

    • IS

      More importantly, how is she going to buy the dress she went off to look for without her purse?

    • Seriously ???

      Seriously Jude?

      My wife and I both sit and laugh when these commercials come on the television.

      I don’t think any guy watches these commercials and says…. “You know, I should go out and treat my wife badly….” They just laugh as they are funny. They wouldn’t happen in real life. But all guys get funny thoughts like this in their head when they do things with their wife that they’d rather not do.

      Seriously, enjoy life, it’s a gift, and anything that makes you laugh without hurting anyone else if part of that gift.

  • buddyholly

    Rarely would an ad get me to complain, but I have to turn off the sound every time that ”society of uninteresting men” applaud like a bunch of sloths.
    Worse, they applaud idiotic behaviour.
    I would never buy this product because I associate it with twits.

    And it is ruining my enjoyment of tennis on TV.

  • wisers bear

    I would like to receive 3 xxxl hunting jackets with wisers Deluxe on them. Does anyone know of the website.

  • Dart

    I can’t stand these advertisements. They aren’t clever, funny, or new in any way. They are the exact same as every other “let’s assert our manhood by being conflict-avoidant douchebags”. They aren’t even ironic.

  • Rye

    Lol, probably not worth the post but I’ve never seen soo many people up in arms about a clever commericial. Makes me think its from the competition, no one could be that blatantly blind to humor could they?

    Picking up the purse one is possibly my favorite. I laugh, the wife shakes her head but we both have a godo laugh.

  • neil richard

    Its a good thing that your ads are funny because your whiskey sucks…..Please go to Scotland and do not pass GO….. they will teach you how to make whiskey properly…..otherwise you are the loser hood……. for good

  • Andy

    Hi all I have the banner and lots of the stuff from the commercial for sale.

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