Wine of Design Makes Poverty History

Wine Of Design, an Australian charity fundraiser, brings together winemakers and designers this year to collaborate in the interests of Make Poverty History. The project was founded three years ago by Rory Kent and continues this year with

Wine of Design labels

Wine Salon is making the limited edition bottles available (only 50 bottles were produced for each wine) with individually numbered booklets featuring information about each designer’s artistic concept and inspiration.

The collaborations were provided by Sass & Bide (Aylward), chef Matt Moran, vintner Stephen Shelmerdine and winemaker Steve Webber (Lusatia), Nick Littlemore from Empire of the Sun and winemaker Dan Buckle (Langi), artist Anthony Lister and winemaker Steve Webber (Melba), music producer Sam La More and winemaker Andrew Fleming (Coldstream), winemaker Mark O’Callaghan with Susan Dimasi and Chantal Kirby, the duo behind the MATERIALBYPRODUCT fashion label (Blancs).

2007 Melba Reserve

The collaboration between Anthony Lister and Steve Webber brings together two figures who each express a strong sense of identity through their craft. Lister’s art inspiration for the Melba Reserve came “when I spilt some of the wine on the ground I saw a shape. That shape inspired my image.”

Wine of Design Melba

v-know began by producing events in 2006 that introduced the next generation of consumers to identities of the wine trade, and making the appreciation of wine enjoyable and alluring by debunking conventions, rejecting the stereotypical pomposity, and producing innovative ways for people to interact with wine. v-know continues its mission through productions like “Wine Of Design” and “The Young Gun of Wine Awards” and an evolving digital media at