Windows 7 and 1 Billion Ideas

Microsoft’s launch of Windows 7 is being accompanied by an advertising campaign focusing on the creators who provided 1 billion ideas that would shape the new operating system. Over the past 18 months, feedback from more than a billion opt-in customer sessions and 8 million beta testers validated Microsoft’s research on how to simplify everyday tasks.

Windows 7 was My Idea print advertisement


The launch video brings in elements from the “I’m a PC” advertising campaign, adding the concept of 1 billion ideas. Nearly a billion people use Windows. Their ideas added up to Windows 7. People from around the world share what they want from their computers as Microsoft engineers respond with the line, “I’m listening.” The users take ownership of the new system, claiming the OS as “my idea.” The spot ends with two engineers bowing in gratitude and the line “A billion ideas=7.”

Print and Outdoor Ideas

Print and outdoor advertisements introduce us to the concept of “My Idea”, representing a range of ethnic groups. “I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea”, is followed up with “I asked for it to use less memory. Now it uses less memory. I’m a tech goddess”. “I asked for less clicks. It uses less clicks. I feel drunk with power”. “I said simplify my PC. They simplified my PC. How do you like me now?”

Windows 7 was My Idea print advertisement
Windows 7 Tech Goddess print advertisement
Windows 7 was My Idea print advertisement
Windows 7 was My Idea print advertisement


The My Idea campaign was developed at Crispin Porter & Bogusky by executive creative directors Rob Reilly and Andrew Keller, creative director Tim Roper, interactive executive creative director Jeff Benjamin, assistant creative director/art director Dave Steinke, assistant creative director/copywriter Michael Craven, head of video/integrated production Matt Bonin, and executive integrated producer Paul Gunnarson.

  • veggiedude

    I asked why can’t it be more like a Mac, well now it is more like a Mac. How do you like that now?

  • chevoya

    i asked for it to be faster than anyting,it’s faser! Now how do you like that.