Who do you take care of?

Pfizer Finland presents Canex Multi Spectrum Allwormer for Dogs as the answer to the squirmy scenario presented in this print advertising campaign. Who do you take care of? Is it the Yorkshire Terrier or the Tibetan Spaniel? Or is it one of the revolting parasites that lives inside your dog?

Pfizer Canex print ad with Tibetan Spaniel parasite

Pfizer Canex print ad with Yorkshire Terrier parasite


The Canex campaign was developed at TBWA\PHS Helsinki, Finland, by creative director Mikko Torvinen, art director Tuukka Tujula, copywriter Taro Korhonen, division manager Seppo Saari, account supervisors Johanna Paavilainen, Jaana Aberg, art buyer Kirsi Parni, typographer Miika Kumpulainen, illustration/retouching done at Fake Graphics and by Asko Taina (PHS\Premedia).