What Goes Around Comes Around

Big Ant International have won a Gold Pencil for Design (Public Service Poster) at the One Show Design Awards held this week. Four posters were designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq, pointing to the Global Coalition for Peace web site. Grenades, rifles, missiles and tank guns come round the pole to catch up with the aggressor in each poster. What goes around comes around. The campaign won a Silver Pencil at the One Show and has also been shortlisted at the 2009 Clio Awards (May 12-14) (WON GOLD) and D&AD Awards (June 11), and won a Gold Outdoors Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival (June 23).

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace


“What Goes Around” was developed at Big Ant International, New York, by creative director Alfred S. Park, associate creative director Frank Anselmo, art director Jeseok Yi, copywriters Francisco Hui and William Tran.

Metallica Soldier Sphere 7th Marines Figure USA For and Against Iraq War

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  • zerkezeut

    A coherent idea being drawn beautifully unequivocal to reflect the metaphor.

  • Ben

    Amazing Idea

  • Zain 4m PAkistan

    Hello Dear All
    Specially the People who did this Excellent Excellent Excellent work only for Human awekness, You are Great.

  • Chris

    Quote: “Yup…America is evil…wait! The developer lives in new York? The largest city in the United States!? OH! That’s right! The U.S. is one of the few countries that’s ever existed that would allow it’s citizens to produce something like this.

    Anyways…the posters are cool, but the message is lame.”

    O’rly? Maybe you should reconsider the “few countries”. You could pull that of in nearly every european country and you would not even have to deal with whiny patriots.

    In case you did not notice: there is more than one democracy in the world and some of them alreadly learned that active violence and aggresive invasions are not the only ways to protect themselves. 😉

    After reading some of the stupid pro-war posts here i can only wonder if you americans passed the last 50-80 years in isolation.

  • Mathew Huff

    To anyone who says “If you don’t like the U.S. LEAVE” are very un-American. Our entire founding doctrine is based on the belief of popular sovereignty and the will of the people. If we believe our country is not acting in the interests of the people it is our duty as Americans to change that. People who petition for change in certain aspects of government are just as patriotic as anyone serving in the military.

  • kjinx

    “a typical American thinks: ….” I understand posts that start this way … it makes everything simple … like all ignorant prejudice it enables one to neatly lump a people group together and “deal with them”. American is a very, very large country with a very, very diverse population in every way you can image. I don’t know if there is a “typical American” … if there is, as close as I can tell (and I have lived here all my life, traveled extensively here and abroad) the “typical American” is very much like the typical Swede, Kenyan, Russian, Mexican, etc. They want to live a peaceful and happy life, enjoy their family, their children, their friends and for the most part be left alone by their government. This has been my experience at any rate.

  • garado

    How about a picture of Saddam Hussein standing on piles of Iraqi bodies (toss in a few piles of Iranians and Kuwatis for good measure and historical accuracy) with a sword pointed straight out in front of him wrapping around to stab himself in the back of the neck … that works too … amazing how f__king short human memory is especially when it is all puffed up with self-righteous indignation. I’m not an American but on behalf of all those liberated from life long tyrannical oppression in Iraq thanks, thanks for invading, though very costly in every way, thanks for freedom, so that even if it utilmately gets totally f__ked up, at least we were able to choose our own way as free men, and thanks for not just taking our oil (which you certainly could do) and not paying anything for it!

  • David Park

    Great poster ever!

  • 기사보고 왔어요.

  • Matt

    It shows harm to US soldiers because the US Foreign Policy will result in harm to US soldiers. It’s not a hard concept to grasp.

  • Jane

    “I would, on the other hand, like to see similar posters showing the ‘what goes around, comes around’ theme for the sale of handguns and assault weapons. That’s where the problem is, as you can tell from the violence here and in Mexico.”

    Actually, Rick, you can blame drug prohibition for that. Gang violence here or in Mexico has never been about gun control, but always about drug control. Legalize the drugs and it all goes away.

  • parkminkyung

    기사보고 어떤 작품인가 싶어 들렀어요~
    재미있는 포스터네요 ㅎㅎ잘 보고가요~
    축하드립니다 !

  • “pride of Korea”
    정말 대단해요. 이글을 보실지모르겠지만 정말 아이디어는 이거구나라는 생각이 뇌리를 자극하는군요…
    기회가 된다면 빅앤트에서 일해보고싶어요!

  • steve

    So basically it seems people cant ever see that you dont have to love the iraq war if you love america, and vice versa. I am a us soldier and have served in iraq. i hated being over there, for both obvious and more subtle ethical reasons. i love america, which is why i serve, but i dont agree with a lot of things america does. and i doubt im the only one. so please dont rag on each other for no reason. the ads are fresh and new. i dont really believe they villainize soldiers too badly, just the war

  • Neo Politicus

    If you think it’s funny – you need to watch your family burn.

  • geoff laessig

    America is being reduced by the homogenized lowest classes of humanity. The dream will be over. Humans will ruin the model that was the dream. The dream will end because mankind will ruin it. America was a dream and it is coming to an end due to bad management and greedy political morons. So all the jealous ones will win the junk that is left over and that’s all they deserve. Freedom will take a back seat to a knee jerk bureaucratic government.

    The individual only cares for himself but when the utopia is lost the people go into a dark place for a long time. The evolution into a new and better society takes time, in the mean while their is anarchy.

  • Dakota

    I like turtles.

  • dan

    I believe the message the images give is of a universal truth- our actions have consequences. That is true for the politicians who send the troops and for the men and women who pull the triggers.
    Violence leads to violence. Its just the way it is.
    I hope we can learn to talk to each other instead killing. Otherwise we are trapped in a cycle of murder going round and round just like the weapons that wrap around the poles….

  • Shelbi

    Happy Memorial Day. >_>

  • PYU

    Happy Memorial DAY!
    and Good, Cool IDEA!!!

  • johnny_p

    where is the one where the suicide bomber walks into his own house to kill his wife and children?

  • Anna_W

    Naivete. Can’t wait for 2nd American Civil War. It settles grudges! Can snobbery and self-loathing stop bullets effectively?

  • So cool, thanks.
    this is what I call creativity !
    they deserve the Gold Pencil for Design.
    keep up the good work guys.

  • Tony

    Kudos to the soldier (Steve) who posted on May 21st for grasping the true subtlety of these amazing images. The majority of people in this country (WE … the people … y’know, the folks who the government supposedly work for) do not support the war. We DO, however, support our fellow Americans – the soldiers, who struggle every day simply to stay alive. The hawks in government and the members of the public who still support this war need to realize that their decisions and actions are the ones that continue to put our soldiers in harms way. They are so quick to extend their sympathies when we lose a soldier, but doesn’t it makes sense that bringing them home is the quickest way to end the threat to their lives and our collective future? What goes around comes around, yes, but what these photos are saying is that our (country’s) aggression usually comes back around to us … and kills ‘our brightest and our best’ in the bargain.

  • Wow. I thought great advertising ideas were dead. Maybe that’s only in the UK. Once again the US shows the way in marketing standards. Love it.

  • curld

    Nice idea and it is true. I just wish world peace. from Hiroshima:)

  • Jenny

    haha those are so cool. i should get some of them and stick em up around my town. 🙂


    These are good pictures, i wish i could be a soldier, so i could throw a bomb too!

  • AK47

    What a cruel thing is war: Mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with HATRED instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beautiful world. ~Robert E. Lee, letter to his wife, 1864

  • superconservative

    the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen, that’s just what army spouses need to see, a daily reminder their spouse could die at any moment while overseas…..f**king retards…..humanity cannot survive without war, get used to it

  • Lila

    Yeah your posters are f*cked up! Who are you to judge? Are you any better than anyone else? I don’t think so! Go ahead, blame the troops for something that our leaders are doing if it makes you feel smart, but don’t disrespect them! They spend months-years away from their families defending your right to be a dick! Maybe if you put a politician on the other end of that bullet instead of a loved husband, father, or friend it would be a little bit more accurate. When you’re ready to risk your life for your right to speak and put up stupid posters like this let us all know, but until then stop being an asshole to the people who ARE fighting for YOUR right to publicly harass THEM!

  • luisa


  • Great ideas !! great creative works too..A big applauds for the works…

  • seb

    and btw: raping children, killing whole innocent families, humiliating every single citizen of a country plus a whole world religion – is that what u r calling “doing their job”?!? well…pfffffffffffff

  • D Wreck

    Anybody who thinks that these “what goes around comes around” posters are a good thing or a “good idea” has no soul at all. basically what you are saying is, if you join the military to protect your family, friends and country you deserve death.

  • D Wreck

    and the way i see it seb…who gives one shit about a country of people who let their leaders this way or let the terrorist cells thrive in their countries. the number 1 reason we are in iraq and aphganistan is to protect the U.S. of A. last time i checked there were ZERO attacks on our soil since these wars started.

  • michigander

    The people who say this is ‘sick’ for ‘showing harm to our soldiers’ clearly don’t get the point of these posters.

  • Diana

    Adder Venom May 11th, 2009 at 1:36 am

    I could not have said it better myself. Glad to see that there are still some normal people out there. Citizens of the US are US Americans not americans, there are other americans as well, you seem to forget the country north of your own and the countries belonging to the south american continent. Enough said a bout that. A question: don’t you think that you are being brainwashed from the first day in school? being forced to swear allegiance to the flag etc…how absurd isn’t that? think you are among the few countries in the world still doing that, what about the democratic choice there? do you have to do that or do you have a choice? If you really want to do good, remove the dictator in North Korea. And how weird are your election system already, that isn’t true majority democracy is it? I have so many issues but only alimited amount of time and space…You do not have democracy in your country, that is what you are thought to believe.

    My Comment To This:

    Just so you know, America is a republic. Choices are made through elected representatives. That is why our pledge of allegiance says, “And to the republic, for which it stands,” and not, “And to the democracy…”

    “Americans” is the accepted term for people who live in the United States of America. People from Mexico are called Mexicans. People from Canada are called Canadians.

  • James H. Frustrated

    Some of these people are completely missing the point. There’s no helping you folks.

    Also, it’d be useful to know that not everyone here is an American.

  • Rob

    A clever campaign, and some interesting images too.

  • Daniel

    what goes around does come around, 9/11 ring a bell? suck it terrorists!!!!

  • Bruce

    The idea is clever, but it is not the way to make the anti-Iraq War statements.

    Our soldiers are Americans. They are sons and daughters, husbands and wives. They have children. Their loved ones could lose them at any moment.

    How dare you put up a poster with a gun to their heads?

    Whether or not you support the war, this is the worst way to protest it. What do you say to a soldier’s mother who see’s this poster as a gun to her son’s head.

    Terrible Idea, Terrible Article. Anyone who supports this needs to rethink their morals.

    Take the posters damn and the article offline.

  • chris

    If the United States is so bad fuck off and move to Canada.

  • Navy Girl

    While the design concept itself is unique and interesting, there is one major problem. If anyone involved in this campaign actually has to take the time to say, “This isn’t aimed at the soldiers!” then they failed to clearly communicate their message. The potential interpretations are horrific.

  • Great, attention-grabbing campaign, Duncan. Thank you very much for sharing it….

  • brilliant!

  • Don't think it's a useful campaign apart from the creativity.. it's still not going to have an impact on whom it should.

  • alfierg

    you guys are disgusting for dipicting the images the way you do what i love about the people is not only are our front troops on the front line but you are throwing all of them right into another front line war a war we can not win because what most of you liberal civilian communists don’t seem to care to come to realize is those of us fighting this war don’t have a say in what we are sent or told to do we are given orders and we obide by those orders no matter what the circumstances are because that’s what we are meant to do. i am assuming that all of you have a job where you have a boss who tells you what to do and what do you do when you are told to take this task on you do it you “complete your mission” as is were thats exactly what those of us are doing we are taking orders and completing our mission. now back to the origin of me starting this post is how can you even say that what comes around goes around with pictures of our military being put in harms way why dont you start to realize that we know damn well the things we are doing over seas aren’t always right but we have to do it i am tired of people not thanking our troops for they’re effort overseas and what we are doing dont you see the kill count we are dying in the line of duty to protect what our country believes in weather or not its what you indivdually believe in why not try making posters saying thank you for you hard work and thank you for having bullets bombs rockets grenades be thrown at you so i can sit here and post rediculous liberal bs back home while you are watching your brothers sisters comrades die next to you and thank you for going through the mental and physical anguish that you go through while there and thank you to those families that have lost loved ones for giving the ultimate sacrafice by allowing me to continue to write un-supporting jargain and to all those who have given your lives in the line of duty thank you for paying what will forever be reognized as the ultimate sacrifice that you will ever have to give your life. now liberals out there try writing that on walls and posters maybe even try saying that to someone in the military you see on the street walking driving because we are here to protect freedom your freedom with what ever means possible.

    semper fi

  • alfierg

    oh and thank you to all those who are in opposition to these posters

    semper fi

  • Wow this pictures are really funny to be honest. Indeed now we can actually see that what goes around comes around, in a funny way as well. Thank your for posting this awesome pictures and for the time you spent writing this article.