What Goes Around Comes Around

Big Ant International have won a Gold Pencil for Design (Public Service Poster) at the One Show Design Awards held this week. Four posters were designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq, pointing to the Global Coalition for Peace web site. Grenades, rifles, missiles and tank guns come round the pole to catch up with the aggressor in each poster. What goes around comes around. The campaign won a Silver Pencil at the One Show and has also been shortlisted at the 2009 Clio Awards (May 12-14) (WON GOLD) and D&AD Awards (June 11), and won a Gold Outdoors Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival (June 23).

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace


“What Goes Around” was developed at Big Ant International, New York, by creative director Alfred S. Park, associate creative director Frank Anselmo, art director Jeseok Yi, copywriters Francisco Hui and William Tran.

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  • CJC

    Look past the soldiers in the posters. Look at the meaning…the government is sending men and women overseas to fight in this war and what the poster depicts is EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENING! They are dying by the hundreds! And it is NOT the soldiers fault. They have to do what their “boss”, a corrupt government, tells them to (hopefully that will change now that Bush is out of office…it will always be a little corrupt but maybe it will see a change for the better under a new leader).

    Yes, they signed up for the military. It IS a job to them (in most cases one to be proud of) but I highly doubt they signed up just so they could go overseas and slaughter innocents, although I have met a few heartless soldiers who are in it only for the “kill” as they were calling it.

    I see these posters as more of a creative attempt to try and show people what’s going on than someone trying to disgrace and individual soldier. After all, anyone in any branch of the US Military is representing America. If you are overseas and wear the uniform, you are no longer just one person over there. You are a part of so much more, wether it is viewed as good or bad.

    So look at the soldiers in these posters as America, not just one individual.

    Whew…hope that made sense….

  • Awesome.

    I hope the Iraq war ends soon. What’s the point anyway? Where are the friggin’ Weapons of Mass Destruction?

  • anonymous.

    i enjoy the nameless, faclessness which makes it possible for many of you to post your opinions on something about which none of you really know.
    the only inferences we can make are from the information to which we are exposed concerning this matter, and i can guarantee that NOT ONE person posting on this website, including myself, knows all of the details about anything the united states government has ever done.
    its nice that youve cultivated opinions over time, but theres no way any of us can be right, or tell anyone else that they are wrong. who are you to assume that the information that has been propagandized to you is completely valid?
    im sure the soldiers have some idea about that of which they speak, but even THEY dont know the whole story. i know i dont either, but you really are casting fallible and erroneous judgment until your knowledge is absolutely omniscient.

  • William

    Nice. If these were about foreign policy, why are they being posted in public places? Public places, interestingly, that are more than likely never visited by the policy makers. And if you think that a poster is going to have an impact on what our government and policy makers think, then you probably bought the ban-guns-because-if-you-make-them-illegal-everyone-will-be-safe-then comment. As creative as these posters are, I can’t praise them because they passively condone harm coming to our protectors, the soldiers, sailors, and aviators. It’s shock value at the expense of our military. Makes me wonder what kind of country we have become. By the way, don’t you get the feeling that no matter how many posters, marches, protests, petitions, and so forth, that we, the people, throw at our politicians, nothing really important seems to change? That’s because at present time, we are not in control. They are. So please, if you don’t like the war, do something else besides creating something a little shocking to look at to influence the minds of the common person. It’s tasteless, condescending BS. What has our country become…

  • yes!


  • Scott

    To ‘the Lebanese’ – I don’t really have the time to educate you on your own country tonight, but I’ll be glad to suggest some reading so you might come to understand the underpinnings of your current democracy which is supported, at least in gesture, by the US. And just so there is no misunderstanding, I didn’t say there were no democracies in the middle east, just no ‘stable’ ones, with the exception of Iraq – and that still remains to be seen once we leave. As long as your government is impotent in controlling Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups that lob rockets into Israel every so often, I don’t think you qualify as ‘stable’. I recommend the following:

    Book – A House of Many Mansions (Salibi)

    Book – Lebanon – A History of Conflict and Consensus (Shehadi)

    If you’re in a hurry – or don’t like to read:

    and of course the internet bible:

    Happy reading!


    yeah cant bleve i risk my life for people like the ones in this reply i love the usa and that come with it yeah the ass hole and all as far as non us fuck you we will come kill you too go USA GO army go marines next knock at you door you better hope to GOD AND ONLY GOD it aint my foot cause it will be the last thing you hear


    like them or not .it obviously has people thinking and talking about the war which is the point.so goooood shit big ant international

  • missy

    simply genius posters.
    end of story.

  • urist

    simple & brilliant idea

  • Chris

    Well, i’m a veteran of the Iraq war, and I have to say that I think the design of these posters is genius. People (other vets) on this thread are blowing the posters out of context and taking it way too personally and getting “holier than thou” against anyone with differing political beliefs. I immediately saw the pictures as a metaphor for the American military machine, rather than representing the individuals depicted in the posters. Creative layout and design, very effective imagery.

  • Alexander

    Nice, but some of pics need photoshop to fix seams.
    On other hand, maybe it’s a good idea to keep it like that and emphasize: yes, it’s a plain poster, but when you wrap it like that – you get a pooh! – sudden turnaround of events

  • stfu

    damn idiots!

  • Joe Cool

    Photoshopped! No one can throw a granade at the back of their own head.

  • Hello_World

    Отличная идея!!! Зачет дизайнерам!!!
    for non-russian speaking:
    What a great idea!!! Big plus to disigners!!!

  • winelips

    great. and obviously thought provoking! love the dialogue.

    the more i read through them though the more depressed i get for the intelligence level of some of my fellow Americans.

    Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11 people.

    thanks for posting and keep up the great creative work Big Ant!

  • sugars

    get over it you hippies, the posters I admit are cool but their subject matter isnt, we have great men and women losing lives over there, I want the war over too but dont degrade our fellow Americans who chose to serve. Maybe you should have put some pictures of the Iraq kids with bombs strapped to their chest or the women holding the cell phones used to detonate a road bomb or some of the ignorant freaks over there killing us.

  • SomeoneWhoThinks

    What spineless, self-hating automotans Liberal Americans have become.

    Why weren’t these posters designed with planes flying into the World Trade Center, or any of the hundreds, no – THOUSANDS – of Islamic terrorist attacks DELIBERATELY targetting innocents. Even if you just started 30 yrs ago with the Iran hostages, you’d have more material than you could ever possibly use.

    But no – you choose to portray the men and women who put their lives on the line to DEFEND this nation as the culprits. The designers of this campaign are dispicable cowards & should be tried for treason.

  • marine spouse

    This is an idiotic idea. Our soldiers put their lives on the line everyday. To show them coming to any harm is a terrible way to say that we shouldn’t be in this war. Of course i would like my marine to be home safe, but he made a commitment to fight for this country and you should be thanking him for that, not picturing his own gun back in his face. I feel bad for any soldier who ever has to see that one of the Americans they are protecting with their life would portray them in this way. You are a disgusting waste of intelligence.

    If you have creative ideas, use them to thank your country, not to hurt the men and women who risk their lives everyday so that you can sit on your ass.

  • THE Lebanese

    well thank you for your time scott, but whatever links you gave talked about nothing but biased bullshit. not everything you are reading is true, and i honestly laughed my ass of when you were trying to argue with my about my knowledge in my own country’s history. by the way, since there is democracy in lebanon then anyone can write and say anything he/she wants, but still, it might never be any way near the real thing.
    you obviously know nothing about the middle east other than what you’re reading o those silly posts. i’ll give you an example, in one of the websites you posted back there, they were talking about the 1996 war(it was more like a one sided war) so here is an exempt:

    “In 1996, Israel began sustained attacks on southern Lebanon to stop Palestinian rocket fire, ultimately leading to the displacement of 400,000 Lebanese. Fighting across the border ended in 2000 with the withdrawal of Israeli troops from their buffer zone in southern Lebanon.”

    first off, israel didnt attack because of the so-called Palestinian rockets, they attacked because of political reasons which i think you should read more about somewhere else. second of all, fighting across the border? what the heck? and the buffer zone israel occupied is nothing but lebanese soil with people living behind the line and under the israeli and lahd’s merci.so basically israel occupied this land that righteously belonged to lebanon and we are talking about the southern part of lebanon not just a mile or two.eventually resistance groups were created sometime during the eighties and reached the year 2000 with a disgraceful israeli retreat back to the palestinian border.during that time israeli troops were attacked on daily basis within the lebanese terretories from lebanese people.

    as for the recent issues, i really dont want to waste my own time on educating YOU on how things really are in the middle east, i feel sorry for you wasting your time trying to look up some sites to post here so that your hit back would look more elegant.idiot.

  • SoonTObeARMY

    Typical liberal bullshit. I’m glad we have real men to stand up and defend our freedom. Would love to see whoever is behind these posters on a battlefield.

  • Brit

    I’ve met quite a few nice Americans over here, you can tell them from quite a distance away, because they don’t shout.

  • Steve

    Don’t involve the troops in your designs. They are instruments of policy. This should have been the politicians vomiting on themselves.

  • greg

    Very selfish ad

  • Shawn

    Maybe they should make one with Planes flying around a building……Oh yeah but that is different isn’t it….What about one with women not allowed to show their face and then on the other end they are given the freedom to wear what the want…oh yeah that would mean that the war brought some type of freedom to a country and that would be terrible

  • Marie Poulain

    You are not getting the point people. Its obvious that its not againts American soldiers but to war and violence in general.

    You should be glad that in your country still exists free thinkers who can do this kind of things to make people think.

    Stupid americans

  • vero de la peña

    This is not a poster of just one war. It is beyond that. what we all respond to is the spirit of our times through the iraq war, but as that and such others that have spread around the globe, it calls for a higher awareness beyond the point of our selfish excuses for violence. The nature of this posters are beautiful too. Change the logo and the messaging and it becomes truly a piece of its own. Mankind and warfare. I’m so proud to also see so much buzz around this piece. It means that its one powerful, truthful idea that speaks many languages. Check out the live feeds !!! I for one have taken many screengrabs ~~ what a beautiful room to be at ~~

  • anjeet lohar

    i like the thoughts given by the pictures

  • wsp

    Wow, what an idea! I bet this pissed a lot of people off…….

  • listensecure.com

    Once again i have stumbled on to an ignorant leftist’s propaganda website, who DOES have the right to show anti war posters ONLY because we have soliders who FIGHT for their civil liberties in order to do so.

    I guess Winston Churchill said it best.
    “If you are not a liberal at 20, you have no heart. If you are not Conservative by 40, you have no brain.”

  • Wombat

    “These pictures show harm to your own people, it is vile and disgusting and overall embarrassing.”

    wow, i did not know that some Americans are even too dumb to understand the simple message in the Ads..

  • Dave

    sure it shows “harm to the soldiers”, I think that’s the point: the foreign policy of your country not only screwed up big time, but it pushed your own people, your fellow countrymen, your soldieres, right into the line of fire …

    of course it is not the soldier’s fault, and anyone who feels offended by the imagery clearly does not get the point: the criticism is aimed at the the people who put those soldiers right where they got shot


  • This is fantastic series of images revealing true beauty of war craft


    Throwing stones said everything I wanted to say and more.
    The posters are great and really sum it all up.

  • NoamKoKo

    I don’t understand the meaning, I am against Iraq, they want to kill us all because of their believes =\

    Nice concept but I don’t think the meaning is good..

    Don’t try to replay me, I stumbled upon this, so I will never go back to here..

  • LeftCoastCreative

    Reading through the posts, I totally see why people are ticked about the portrayal of soldiers in the layout – they don’t “get” it.

    Which really proves a key element of design –

    any message that can be misinterpreted
    absolutely will be.

    As far as I know, in my own experience,
    even the people who are fiercely against the war are certainly not blaming the troops.

    Part of what makes this nation great is the right to dissent, to question, and to second guess authority.

    It’s open, honest discourse that leads to better policy, and inevitably, better security.

    I think these posters were intended to generate discussion, not assign blame to the troops.

    That would be stupid.

  • fu man tran

    an open letter to everyone who saw these posters as derogatory and hateful towards soldiers (US or otherwise):

    dear idiot,
    try reading a book. it doesn’t even have to be a long one, we can start easy. try dr. seuss, or even a book of fairy tales. like that one about a turtle and a rabbit sprinting.

    am i being harsh? well sorry, but if you’ve ever read a book, or even just thought an independent thought, then you might recognize something called a metaphor. because that’s what this poster is: from visual to headline, it’s a metaphor. no soldiers were actually harmed in the making.

    for you advanced students who have read a book or two, try using those fancy reading skills and applying them to the headline, since the visual is obviously far beyond your ken. “what goes around comes around.” if we were supposed to understand this literally, what would we be talking about here? boomerangs? you decide.

    in any case, try being less stupid in the future. if idiocy is absolutely unavoidable, please contact your nearest liberal, pot-smoking, America-hating hippie who will try his hardest to threaten you and your entire way of life.

  • zielblank

    funny o caralha seus viado

  • mami

    Americans should realize that their countries did the most atrocious things in the 20th century, but are always the fastest to point fingers at others. Saved the world in second world war? Then why would you go and kill and rape countries in East Asia just a few decades later? Why doesn’t the US have to pay for such atrocities but other countries still need to pay for things much further in the past? It’s called DOUBLE STANDARD, you ignorant, arrogant country (I say country, because I know not all citizens of the US are that way.)

  • Zim

    Nice idea..!

  • It’s a circular argument.

  • Ktulu

    Rick, on May 9th, posted:
    “…for the sale of handguns and assault weapons. That’s where the problem is, as you can tell from the violence here and in Mexico.”

    Hitler thought the same thing, before he took firearms away from his people. I’m pretty sure we all know what happened to the Jewish people and political dissidents who couldn’t defend themselves at that point…

    …no. You are wrong. This is not opinion it is fact, backed up by statistics from around the world. A population of law-abiding gun owners will deter crime. Period.

    Those who use guns for violent or unlawful purposes own those firearms illegally in most cases anyway… and will continue to have them regardless of the law. What you propose eliminates a persons right to defend themselves, which is a right that any person of any nationality or faith can embrace.

    Food for Thought:
    Here is a synapsis of just some of the millions of people who have lost their lives due to gun control laws — http://www.saveourguns.com/LethalLaws.htm

  • Rae

    Awesome. Really brillant idea.

  • vivalaleta

    So many of you choose to misunderstand; this fight is NOT against the brave men and women who fighting for what they think is right. It against war itself, the whole vicious circle that we’ve taken for granted HAS to exist. It doesn’t.

  • Larry

    This is the work of an ungrateful idiot! You will someday have to atone for your stupidity!

  • kjw

    where are the pictures of the terrorists,showing what they started coming back around

  • KJW

    It always puzzels me that America gives more to the world in foriegn aid then everyone else, comes to the aid of the underdog ( remember Kuwait) and they are hated for it. Every time something bad happens somewhere America is expected to do something about it, hated if they do, and hated if they dont. That says to me all the hatred against America is based on jealousy. Every refugee in the world dreams of coming to America not the countries that hate America, I wonder why that is. Think about it, I mean really think about it

  • values 1

    All of you are whiners. You try to mask cowardice by calling yourself intelligent and peaceful. COWARD. There are people who believe in things and are willing to die for them, instead of get on internet blog sites and whine like a bitch. Unfortunately for you dumb asses, those people are the people who fight wars. They are do-ers. Not dreamers. That is why wars will always be fought, and why whining ass protesting isn’t worth shit.

  • Truth hurts

    Rigth on Values. Although I hate terrorists, at least they got the balls to stand up and fight for something. For all you college kids and wannabies I hear complaining about shit you’ll never be able to change with just words, Im about to f**k you up with some truth. War will inevitably always be around. A constant struggle between powers will always exist even to the smallest degree. We got big guns, might as well use em to stop bad shit from happening to us. Pick a side or warm the bench till you roll over and die hippies.

  • Siliconetch

    Edgar Raven has it right. Throwing Stones also gets it. Critical thinking and doing our homework are key areas for improvement. End the Fed.