What Goes Around Comes Around

Big Ant International have won a Gold Pencil for Design (Public Service Poster) at the One Show Design Awards held this week. Four posters were designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq, pointing to the Global Coalition for Peace web site. Grenades, rifles, missiles and tank guns come round the pole to catch up with the aggressor in each poster. What goes around comes around. The campaign won a Silver Pencil at the One Show and has also been shortlisted at the 2009 Clio Awards (May 12-14) (WON GOLD) and D&AD Awards (June 11), and won a Gold Outdoors Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival (June 23).

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace


“What Goes Around” was developed at Big Ant International, New York, by creative director Alfred S. Park, associate creative director Frank Anselmo, art director Jeseok Yi, copywriters Francisco Hui and William Tran.

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    All of you idiots who keep saying that it’s the soldiers who “give us” our freedoms are clearly misinformed. Sorry to say, but you’re just wrong. It’s the U.S. Constitution that gurantees those freedoms, and the soldiers are, as many have said, “just doing their jobs.” Apparently many of them don’t want to be there, but nobody forced them to join the Army. Sure, I’m all for supporting our troops, but to say that they’re “giving us” freedoms is complete ignorant bull***t.

  • jen


  • P Fleming

    I’d like to see the same theme of what goes around comes around with the graphics of reporters being beheaded, or women being tortured, or women being shot for infidelity. Now there’s some good stuff to work on…

  • Montey


  • Morse

    I enjoy how people here are complaining about the Iraq War when it is hardly an issue anymore. The Iraqi War is winding down, the Afghanistan War is starting to flare again though. The reason everybody bitches about the Iraq war though is because it is a war of attrition. We have insurgents over there dancing circles around our soldiers while back here we complain about any plan of action. The US needs to be more decisive. We should have gone into total war and completely purged Iraq earlier on, or f**king pull out. Enough of this wretched leadership

    Not like we do not have enough problems at home. I can guarantee that within our lifetimes, the US will cease to be an economic power. And NOT because of this NATURAL economic recession. But because, believe it or not, of all the “fair” business laws we pass. We think we are making the world a better place by forcing businesses to be socially responsible? Wrong. Socially Responsible companies make less money, as opposed to all the factories in China and Taiwan and Japan. All of whom we import products from. So US companies are now making less money because we are forced to spend money on things others do not. To sum that crap up, in this world economy we are making less money because we are expected to be the “Fair Big Brother” of the f**king world. End Result? Higher inflation rates to cover the costs of implementing these pissant laws, and other countries stealing market shares from US companies. Which forces them to downsize, and cut your jobs. So why don’t we all celebrate by taking the piss and raising minimum wage. Why don’t we teach our kids this stuff?

  • Morse

    Oh and at Phillip who posted May eleventh, antiamerican liberals? I think you mean Anti-American Liberals. Maybe you should get your friends from GOP to teach your the proper use of “anti-“, they certainly seem to love the phrase.
    Also What makes people think their religion is right? I would like to see some conclusive proof that the popular mythology some people call Christianity is better than Islam, or Judaism, Hinduism, or even Pagan? What is so wrong with letting people choose their own salvation? In fact, Judaism is the only one of the three biggies that says there are other ways of attaining salvation than their way. Islam says they must eradicate non-believers (There’s that hyphen again! darndest thing. And Christianity says that with a slightly milder tone. Anybody up for an inquisition? Or two, or three.


    I live here in Sambucca, Iran. I have stolen from my family and friends. I have lied and cheated. Then I looked on the googling and saw that many women all over world with same name are also liars and cheats. Maybe the name does it?

  • Munkee

    Christianity is a big lie. A myth. And Islam is bigger and stupider myth. Mohammed was a lying camel driver who tried to get the Jews of Medina to accept him and then built in hatred of Jews to his ridiculis Korran. Martin Luther did the same thing. Hated the Jews for not immediately acepting him. what a bunch of idiots! I love how stupid they all are. WWJD???Ha Ha Ha. Jesus was Jew killed by some Italians. Then they all blamed the Jews. What a farce. Is this a religion worth believing in? What the hell are YOU drinking???

  • JismBrethh

    I agree.
    There was no Jesus.
    There IS no Jesus.
    There will be no Jesus.

  • EDN

    Somebody posted that 9\11 had nothing to do with Iraq? I refrain from posting his screen name as I try not to upset the mentally diminished, yet we did find a terrorist training camp in Iraq early in the war, and gee-whiz were they sending combatants into Afghanistan to kill our troops before we even entered Iraq?

    The ad campaign is poorly thought out, these young heroes fight for our freedom, yup even the freedom to create shit like this. Anyone who portrays violence against a U.S troop is a sick minded treasonist in my humble opinion.

  • EDN

    Munkee, Jesus was killed by Romans not Italians, another victim of the public school system I assume. Rome conquered the world then conquered itself the country of Italy came much later my friend.

  • THE Lebanese

    edn wake up! freedom from what? and who? people, you’re all talking about freedom! that is bullshit, you live in your so called “free world” i.e. america and you go out looking for freedom elsewhere? unless “freedom” means oil reserve then thats another issue-which is by the way, the real reason why your troops are in the middle east.
    you are a bunch of ignorant people and i feel sorry for you.
    to those who keeping on bragging of how others would do anything to go to america, people are dying to get out of their countries because of the wars and/or the unstable governments you create for them with your interference, you try to ruin economies, eventually your borders get flocked by people who are disillusioned by your propaganda. what a shame.

  • james

    yeah i understand what they are trying to say however it is ignorant liberal propaganda. obviously none of you people actually pick up a news paper or turn on the news and try to think for yourself. If you had you would understand that the Iraq war is necessary. you cant just fight terrorism which im sure the majority of you are against doing you have to stop their source of income which a majority of which comes from iraq. so with that said keep up the stupid slogans and try not to be surprised when we are attacked again and again. Everything our brave military is doing is to protect our lives and freedom and the least we can do for them is to support their efforts instead of bashing them. where is the patriotism people.

  • james

    and in response to “patriot” of course soldiers dont give us our freedom. Yes it is the constitution which grants us our freedoms but, what good is a constitution with no one to protect it. in other words we need our military to protect our constitution and in essence protect our freedom. without them we have no freedom

  • Adder Venom

    The citizens of USA cannot be tought anything, they have been brain washed for too long.

    And since you are quoting the bible all the time, maybe you need it spelled out for you.

    “What Goes Around Comes Around” = “Do onto others…..”

  • Sarcasticus

    I love this. No one actually reads and understands, everyone writes in the hope that someone does understand…….then everyone disagrees…..no understanding.
    Why do you bother?

  • An African

    I agree with throwingstones and all others who undertand the images and the message they convey. But this is more for those that do not understand and do not know what they say.

    The message seems to be not that soldiers are pointing weapons at themselves; It’s that they were sent there to point guns at others, who will inevitably point their own guns back at the unlawful and unjustified invaders.
    It is about questioning the sense behind sending your fathers, sons, brothers and friends to their death for your privilege to drive around in cars that consume a gallon of fuel for each mile you drive.
    It’s about questioning the sense behind sending your countrymen to war for the profts of those that make the weapons for both sides and don’t give a shit about liberty, life, justice, democracy, human rights and all the other wonderful ideas America was founded on.
    It’s about questioning the sense behind tormenting both your invading countrymen as well as the invaded Iraqui people with death and destruction and calling it a glorious victory for the forces of good, while actually forcing the aforesaid invaded to accept one fascist regime for another in disguise.
    It’s just a way of illustrating the irony and futility of trying to fight ‘terrorism’ by becoming a terrorist yourself (not person for person, but america as a collective people).

    And if any American does not realise the folly of their collective actions and attitude towards the rest of the world, and who does not understand the meaning of the message in the poster, need only read a history book. The pattern you will come to see is that ALL great empires, no matter how powerful they appeared to be, that attempted to impose their beliefs and ideals on other nations through war and opression, have fallen and been condemned to the ashes of history by the very conflicts they so ignorantly sought.


  • Peggy

    I think these posters are great. Yeah, they may not convey the actual message they are supposed to be conveying, but you couldn’t use any other pictures to get such a response like this. It makes you think… or at least it made me anyway.

  • Jeremy

    Nothing is more true than the golden rule! I am a veteran and I approve of this message. Just like we made our own decision to join the military and live or die. We chose to be seen in public view. Also people who claim we give you your freedom? Its more like we take it from other people, and the government takes it from us.

  • so true!

  • BigAl

    End the pointless ‘Bush wars’ now.
    Any American citizen who willingly goes into a war zone to participate in the military industrial complex killing machine is a traitor to the U.S. Constitution. Plain & Simple.
    This country doesn’t need standing armies anymore. The only enemies we have are the ones WE create through our arrogance and imperialism.


    Haha, looks at all the angry foreigners posting on here about how much they hate us. I hope it makes you all feel better. Come back when you actually want to pick a fight with us, we’ll turn your country into a smoking hole.

    People are so misguided. America has no obligation to be anyone’s friend. We choose to be. And people in Europe and elsewhere mistake that for weakness, and demand more and more concessions. Well, guess what? If we wanted to, we could become the Roman Empire or the Qin Empire and brutally colonize the rest of the world.

    And before you say “but you’re already brutally colonizing,” how many countries are under our direct control? Have we invaded Latin America and forced them to send us money and people? No. The Middle East attacked us and it hated us. I don’t think we could have found more deserving countries to attack than Iraq and Afghanistan, two anti-American nations that were also bastions of misery, oppression, and murder. At the very least, things are only as bad as they once were (but I’d argue that since Saddam’s rape rooms are gone, they’re a teeny bit better).

    In short, everyone critical from Europe and elsewhere can continue their little masturbatory “internet activism” sessions. If it makes you feel better to make fun of and criticize the most powerful nation in the world because we let you, go ahead. Just remember that if we were totalitarian (like the USSR) or fanatically nationalist (like the Chinese), you would all be in a much worse position than you are now. Be grateful we don’t crush you.

  • Noud

    I agree.

  • Jorinde

    I seriously believe that these posters should be hung everywhere around the world. I’d hang ‘m in Amsterdam for you!!

  • Adder Venom

    So you actually think that the American public has the appetite to pursue and pay for such a foreign-policy agenda, especially after close to 7 years of an unpopular war in Iraq?

    The total American force – including active-duty, reserve, and guard – is about 2.2 million. So yes, bring it on. You attacked Iraq and thought you would win within a week, and afters seven years of war you are still there, and you wont win that one either. So go right ahead, please invade euorope and you will be wiped out, one by one.

  • Adder Venom

    Wake up and smell the coffee, have a look at your precious boys…


  • Conservative 4 Life

    These suck

  • Murtaza. Soni

    What is the need of fighting a war in the first place. Can’t the world exist as one self-sustaining community? If everyone stops being selfish and just reverts to sharing then everyone will be on the same level.

  • Scott

    Adder Venom: It’s not about the SIZE of our military. It’s about economic power and intelligence. True, America is about as reluctant an empire as there ever was, but make no mistake – the world pays attention to what is done here, and at the highest levels of government and the world financial system, (except for a handful of third world nations) despite the obligatory whining in public, EVERYONE wants to be our friend. How many folks are struggling to immigrate into your country these days? Using Europe as an example of a pillar of national strength is laughable and telling. I have one word for you: demographics. Look it up.

  • Adder Venom

    Censorship in the US, funny, just like the USSR

  • Jeremy

    I’m an American, proud of it, and quite patriotic. No, I don’t agree with everything our country has done, past or present. I view the fact of “Supporting our Troops” as quite different than “Supporting the War on Terror.” I think that those people who created these ads should have targeted the politicians, not our troops.

    A previous poster, Stephanie, said it just right

    “If you want to target “what goes around, comes around” (if you must) look at where the issue originates, and here’s a hint, it’s not with the soldiers putting their lives on the line.”

    as for people like Dixon.. I just want you all to realize that these soldiers you speak down on are following orders. They joined the military to serve their country, and you should learn how to respect that.

    or Steve who said something along the lines of “it’s voluntary..I’d quit,” well buddy, it’s called a contract and having consequences for going AWOL (you can’t just quit until your ToS is up).

    For all of you Anti-American posters out there (Adder Venom / Xinita).. Adder, you say that people who are proud to be Americans show their own ignorance in that very phrase? How so? How do we exhibit our ignorance by saying we are proud to be Americans? Are you not proud of your country? or of being a citizen of your country?

    If I say I am proud to be an American, it does not mean that I support every little action of my country, its leaders, or its policies. Please tell me where your reasoning comes from.

    Also Adder, “following orders just like the Nazis” is usually referred to as the “Nuremberg Defense,” and does not necessarily apply here. Any one knows that if any military institution can not have orders followed efficiently and with out question, things that needed to be done, would not get done. Simply put. We aren’t asking our soldiers to gas flocks of people either, are we?

    Xinita and all the rest of you posting about the oil in Iraq, I’ll tell you right now I sure as hell haven’t benefited from the oil everyone claims Bush went in there to ‘steal.’ Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been paying 4 USD (or more in other places) for a gallon of gas. Honestly, I think you should be a little more focused on the Arctic frontier opening up more and more every year due to global warming. Obviously, Iraq’s oil becomes nothing in the light of this discovery. Did I mention that it’s not just the U.S. making claims here?

    I ask you to not bother responding if your comments follow the same format as your previous posts.

  • tbone

    31 million Iraqis are glad that the U.S. took seriously its own beliefs about freedom and helped them through off the bonds of tyranny. Statists are never happy when individual freedom blossoms. They writhe at the thought of individuals voting and being free to express themselves through capitalistic endeavors. Long live the individual – death to tyrants like Saddam Hussein and those who support them!

  • THE Lebanese

    “Xinita and all the rest of you posting about the oil in Iraq, I’ll tell you right now I sure as hell haven’t benefited from the oil everyone claims Bush went in there to ’steal.’ Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been paying 4 USD (or more in other places) for a gallon of gas. Honestly.”

    EXACTLY!!!!! coz you are an ignorant.
    your government is a Lobby, in fact it is the biggest lobby in the world. did you ever wonder how your economy broke down? NO! coz you’re too busy counting the money you have left, forgetting about those who robbed your ass off! i invite you all to the middle east, and i mean it, i’m willing to take in anyone of you guys as soon as you step on the lebanese soil, and i’ll show you around, i’ll show you not what your troops did-we dont have any american soldier in lebanon- but the mess your governments interference has left behind.
    your governmentS has turned the middle east into hell.
    you are still crying until this day for those who died on 9/11, my people are still crying on the millions that have died since 1948 i.e. the year an arab country got dissected and stolen. we are the ones getting killed on daily basis, we are the ones getting raped, robbed, massacred, exiled, tortured etc…
    you witness one horrible day, we’ve been witnessing 60 bloody years.
    i still cant understand what makes your fallen better than ours? what makes YOU better than us? what makes a 25 years old american average guy better than me? I’ll tell you what makes him better, he’s an american. well fuck that I’m fed up with your stupid way of handling my anger, –this is simply how a so-called terrorist is created.good for you.
    and by the way, to whomever is talking bullshit about us, we dont kill women and we don’t rape women as much your free country does, you come on top of the list presented by the UNICEF every year.
    and that silly thing who was talking about crushing us, i pity you, i really do. well i envy you after all, ignorance is a bliss.

  • THE Lebanese

    check out where the taxes you are paying end up:


  • Jeremy

    Actually Lebanese, there were a few reasons why our (and the world) economy broke down, and I don’t think I need to sit here and explain it all. Did I say anywhere that our fallen were better than yours? No. Did I say that an average 25 year old American is better than you? No. You did. That’s the thing, stop assuming I (or we) all think alike, we don’t. As I mentioned above, I don’t agree with all of the policies and so forth of my country, but it doesn’t mean I’m not proud to be American. The bit of text you quoted from me was more or less sarcasm. Either way, I believe what you are saying is more so directed to the politicians and CEOs of certain corporations more so than myself, but I’m not the one that needs to realize that. You are.

  • Scott

    “the mess your governments [sic] interference has left behind.” That IS classic. Can you actually live in Lebanon and really be this dim as to the history of your own backyard? Doubtful. I bet you’re an American teenager writing this from your midwest bedroom. The beauty of the internet. To blame the US for your region’s inability to form and maintain a stable democratic government is just weak. The most stable countries in the mideast are all dictatorships. That tells you all you need to know.

  • THE Lebanese

    i agree with what you’re saying jeremy, but it wasn’t all a reply to what you said, the majority of what i said was for those who think they are better coz they are american. being proud about your american identity is the least you can do for your country and noone has the right to argue about that.
    i’ll i wanted to do is make it clear to everyone that you can’t judge a whole culture for what its minority is doing, and trust it is a minority. as for the economy issue, it is not the CEOs we should be talking about, politicians YES governments YES, coz they did what they did knowing that the consequences are going to be for their favor. conspiracies are majorly coming from your governments’ side, and it is sadly against most of the americans’ wills. i do not agree with terrorist but i disagree as well with those who call me a terrorsit coz i’m a muslim arab, so what if i’m what i am? i dont pray just like the majority of the Arabs, if u get to read some of our news articles you’d come to realise that there are people out there in our arab world urging everyone to become leaders in what they do and not followers, from tech and sciences to literature,.
    but still that doesnt make us forget that there’s some unfairness in the way your government interferes in our internal issues.
    i’m sorry if i offended you in some way i was just trying to explain my point of veiw and pardon my uncomprehending sentence building at certain points.

  • THE Lebanese

    is that what you think scott? then can u please enlighten me with my country’s history?
    and we actually do have democracy.

  • THis totally knocked my socks off.
    Thanks for this. What an amazing, insightful design. Love it!
    Stumbled! 😉

    Keep ’em coming

  • Jazz

    This is horrid.

  • Jake

    Regardless of whether these are aimed at our soldiers, or not, these pictures depict them as targets in a threatening manner.

    These brave men and women are fighting for what they believe in. Like it or not, we are in this together. Get over it people.

  • bryan

    Pure ignorance.

  • anon

    awesome idea, and the fact that douchebag bush is out of the white house these posters might actually do something

  • letseatlunch

    is there any place that these can be bought? can someone post a link if so?

  • Concerned Spouse

    As a spouse of a Soldier who has been in combat more than a few times, I see this as trying to show the world that the decisions of those that are higher than our own power has decided our lives for us. My husband is not home with me tonight to discuss how I feel about these photos. OUR Soldiers didn’t make the orders, those came from something much higher. But that OUR Soldiers are out there so that there is not a draft for anyone else to not have to make the choice is something that should be commended. I only wish more people could see that.

  • Jimbo

    There will always be people who will take political commentary as a personal affront (how much easier it is to get pissy than to comprehend!)

    But a growing number of people understand this perfectly.

  • heh

    Neil May has it bang on the head, let them disarm all you Americans if you want but you’ll be sorry. Look at where I’m from, the UK a relitively small country that banned guns, now the only people who can get them is criminals and gun crime is still strong. So if a small country like the UK can still have a massive gun problem years after they were banned dispite massive sentences just for possesing a firearm, do you really think you’ll ever be able to disarm criminals in the USA? or do you think it’ll be the shop owners etc that are disarmed and become lambs to the slaughter? silly people.

  • cassie

    I appreciate what you’re trying to do here, but could you relay your message without wishing the death US soldiers in the process? The idea is clever, but you’re more or less labeling our military as mindless murderers who deserve to die. I might be reading too much into this, but you should realize how your posters look from all points of view. As someone who will be enlisting in the military in a couple years, I take these kinds of messages to heart.

  • Hillary

    This is a cool artistic idea, but not used in a good context.
    This is a terrible thing to show and say about those who are giving you the very right to make these posters. There are other ways to promote peace, and hurting the honor of those defending you is certainly not one of them.

  • SiV

    Peace without sacrifice is an illusion.

    The fact that you are not jailed or shot for your views is testament to the truly great social experiment called The United States of America.

    Evil cannot be fought with peace…