What Goes Around Comes Around

Big Ant International have won a Gold Pencil for Design (Public Service Poster) at the One Show Design Awards held this week. Four posters were designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq, pointing to the Global Coalition for Peace web site. Grenades, rifles, missiles and tank guns come round the pole to catch up with the aggressor in each poster. What goes around comes around. The campaign won a Silver Pencil at the One Show and has also been shortlisted at the 2009 Clio Awards (May 12-14) (WON GOLD) and D&AD Awards (June 11), and won a Gold Outdoors Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival (June 23).

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace


“What Goes Around” was developed at Big Ant International, New York, by creative director Alfred S. Park, associate creative director Frank Anselmo, art director Jeseok Yi, copywriters Francisco Hui and William Tran.

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  • Rachael.

    Americans are idiots. I clearly got the concept as soon as I saw it.
    It’s not about soldiers. They’re not saying “Oooooh, soldiers are eevil! Kill them all! They deserve to die.”
    War is bad kk?

  • Adder Venom

    The crappy television show “Are you smarter than a ten year old?” says it all I think wen it comes to your country, and I must answer no, you are not. The former low life president you had proved it big time. Your excuse for him even being elected is: Anybody can become president in our country ! Obviously, what a major f…up !! An IQ test should be compulsory, that guy cannot even tie his shoe laces…

  • Paul Miller

    My only problem is that the posters need a specific sized pole or else they will overlap or not reach around. To the people in the peace coalition that this is for: Keep up the good work. The more eyes that are opened means less people in the ignorant mass population residing in the US.

  • Edgar Raven

    Very nice design, and does exactly what its supposed to: shock people.

    I find it ironic how many of you are so obsessed with the notion that soldiers are “Just doing their job”. Thats naive at best, and criminal at worst.

    Murdering people by the millions is NOT a job OR a legitimate way to advance your situation in life, regardless of whether you’re ordered to do so or not. Hitler’s Nazi’s were ordered to kill Jews, does that make it ok? Are we to dismiss their actions because it was “their job” ?! Think a little bit. Responsibility NEEDS to be placed on soldiers AS WELL as those who give the orders.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a patriot, and I love my country as well as have many friends in the army. But lets not blind ourselves, lets use a little critical thinking here.

    The fact of the matter is that Iraq was NOT a defensive war, it was NOT a protection of the American people, that much is clear. It has accomplished nothing besides a severe deficit, an economic recession, and given time to terrorists in Afghanistan to recover and grow in strength.

    Country, please, its time to wake up and look at things the way they are, not the way we wished they were. Lets stop making excuses for each other, for the love of the world.

  • Edgar Raven

    A little side note for those who will inevitably attack my post.

    I have no beef with soldiers, quite the contrary. They epitomize self-sacrifice and the willingness to lay down their lives for their family and friends back home.

    But they enlisted, theres a reason the army is voluntary. If they’re willing to lay down their lives and fight to kill, they should also have no illusions about who the responsibility lies with.

    In fact, I suspect that most veterans realize this all too well (hence the emotional trauma), and that its the people back home who see nothing of the bloodshed who legitimize their actions.

    That said, long live America. I only hope that one day we will be as true to your ideals as we claim.

  • George

    This Is anti-American. Show some respect to the soldiers that keep us safe,and allow you to make posters such as these.

  • THE Lebanese

    well as far as i’m concerned this is a good cause.
    It’s true that most of the Americans are ignorant when it comes to foreign policies, and it actually shows when they start BSing about muslims in particular and the middle east in general. what do you people know about us other than what your leaders want you to know? which is mostly untrue and is totally absurd!!! i read something about stoning women, man that’s really absurd!!! i feel pity for all of you out there who think that The USA is the best country in the world, well at least, to me, Lebanon is the best country in the world.
    let us face and be real for one time, what justifies your war on Iraq? the so called al qaeda criminals? did you ever ask yourself who created this group? did you ever consider going to Palestine to see whether Israelis’ claims are true and unbiased? did you ever think of how life has become in iraq after your troops invaded it? you’ll never understand such things, because you’re living in your own big fat bubble with nothing but prejudice and poisoning commercials.
    one final question, does your army recruit soldier for free? giving them no incentives, no payroll, not even offering them a single penny in return? NO! your army recruit you with commercials and ads, Blood money to be more precise. Wake up and yes, what goes around comes around if not now then sometime soon.

  • xinita

    There’s one thing I hate the most about the internet – some americans spreading their ignorance around the world. “You sick people depicting a soldier being harmed you bastard God will kill you” and etc are the words I tend to read whenever I stumble upon war stuff on the internet. Thing is, as Throwingstones said, this is not a defensive war and I don’t know why americans get so offended when someone says so. No, these soldiers you people are supporting are not defending your family and friends back in the USA because I haven’t seen or heard about iraqi bombs hitting your pretty white suburbs in your country so they are not defending you. What they are defending is the oil Ex President Bush always wanted and your own ignorance. If you keep believing this then you must be retarded.

    Once I thought I’d never be able to find a clever and smart american in the world, now I’ve found some so I hope I will find more someday.

  • Anton

    Honestly, if these pictures offend you, you’re far to stupid to see the point of them. If I were to say “I love this website like a fat kid loves cake”, is the point of my sentence to make fun of fat kids and bring attention to the nutritional properties of baked deserts?

    Obviously not. The point is that I enjoy the website. The simile was only a literary device used to help convey that message.

    Everyone is so uptight these days. Take a deep breath, stop looking at everything with tunnel vision and try to find the meaning behind things — You’ll come to find that most people actually have good intentions.

    If you try hard enough, you might even find enough humility to swallow your swollen pride and admit you’re getting all worked up over absolutely nothing.

  • Sam Ledbetter

    People, you can say “many of the soldiers are involved to get ahead and support their families”, but do you not realize that Al Qaeda pays civilians to plant roadside bombs, toss grenades, etc., and in a war torn area, that money is a lot more scarce meaning people naturally will go to further extremes to obtain it. American soldiers are not defending freedom, they are getting shot for multinational corporations, whichever they may be. You need to look at things from different perspectives to get an opinion thats worth a damn.

    And OBVIOUSLY this ad is not promoting harm to our soldiers, it’s a message about our foreign policy, take a hint people.

  • Mike

    Hating your country never goes out of style.

  • Sailor

    I find this offensive.

    You really shouldn’t depict US soldiers getting killed or in harms way. I hear your arguments, but you must understand how families feel!

    US soldiers aren’t planting roadside bombs. They aren’t supporting a government that’s mass graves are still being uncovered. They aren’t publicly defying the morals their religion guards.

    Take it from me. I’ve got a lot of dead friends who would tell you too had they not died so that you could write your post.

    I quote Bob Dylan:

    “Don’t criticise what you can’t understand.”

    You know the uniform but you don’t know the faces. You know the name but you don’t know the war. You know how to talk but you don’t know how to listen.

    You don’t even know how to really see.

  • Dajve

    “I can’t believe someone would make something showing harm to our soldiers.I hope that you get what you have coming back to you…

    it is because of the soldiers that are fighting for you that you can post these posters.”

    Otherwise translated as:

    “These soldiers are out there fighting for your right to say these things, which means you aren’t allowed to say them.”

    I have to say, though, that from a design point of view, the posters are clever and effective – especially the first two.

  • Mike

    Adder Venom-
    When you talked about brainwashing, concerning forced pledges all throughout school, you are correct. I am a high school student in Texas (of all the places!) and while they do not force you to pledge, many teachers will talk down to you, degrade, and insult you if you refuse, and will send you to speak with an assistant principal, not even thinking for one second that the pledge glorifies the Christian God, so for many students the pledge could be considered swearing against his/her own God. On another note, i had an assignment concerning 9/11, and after voicing my opinions on the paper, my teacher confronted me after class, insulted me, and ultimately sent the paper to the principal. Now the principal obviously discarded her complaint, because i was never sent to talk to him about it. But the fact that the ones we as teens are supposed to look up to are the same people insulting us for a particular opinion is sad, even frightening.

  • Stephen

    There clever design and bad marketing. In a clever and witty way they communicate a message which some very large portion of the population will take as different from what the designer intended. As a designer you want to communicate your message or your clients message. Imagine a campaign for some company’s product that in some clever, witty way communicated that you should buy the product and ALSO made a lot of people think you hate them. Is that good design?

  • Brian

    adder Venom, we are not a democracy, we are a republic. so, your right. “… and to this REPUBLIC for which it stands…”

    end the Fed

  • Rebecca

    I love that because I express views different from many posted on here I am considered ignorant, inbred, retarded and plain stupid.

    I think it shows that you are ignorant. It doesn’t matter what I think though because you will choose to depict people who support their troops as idiots.

    My father served in the Navy for 20 years and my boyfriend has been in the Army for 4 years, 1 of which was served in Iraq.

    I don’t understand why a campaign is being made to bring soldiers home from Iraq, when the war in Afghanistan is on the upswing. We are not even deploying as many soldiers to Iraq as we are Afghanistan. Not knowing this, shows your ignorance of the war.

    You can say that schools brainwashed me into standing up for my country and believing everything I hear. You believe that this war is just about oil, is that not brainwashing on your part? Where did you get your facts?

    I have not said anything about my views of the war. I have clearly spoken on my views of soldiers. I love and respect them and would not dream of doing anything but respecting those men and women who choose to do something so many are too weak to do.

    I know many of you won’t even read this comment equating me with some back woods extremist anti-everything group. I am not that person, nor am I living in a perfect suburb.

    So many people that don’t live in the U.S. depict us as idiotic, unintelligent inbred people who follow blindly behind anyone in power. How ignorant are you to equate an entire nation with the few handfuls of Americans you have met?

    I am open minded and accepting of many things, one thing I do not accept is showing harm to our own people. I realize what the graphic means, and yes it DOES NOT show our soldiers being blown to pieces.It does show the potential. It’s saying we are going to get what is coming to us. Who protects the U.S.? Soldiers..so in the long run you are saying that our soldiers will be killed..but they have it coming to them.SO sucks to be the guy who chose to be a soldier because when he gets killed , you won’t care. You will sit behind the computer being your “oh so educated self, sipping your overpriced coffee, bitching about how much America sucks”

    If you are living in America and hate it so much, or hate the health care system: LEAVE. It is that simple, if other countries have it “right” move there.Call me ignorant,but I don’t live somewhere unless I enjoy it or it offers me what I need. Jobs are at an all time low, so you have a perfect reason to leave!

    I don’t understand why people live off complaining so much about America. Maybe its like a 10 year old mentality of “I am going to pick on something, but its only because I really like it” or are jealous of our ability to do whatever we set our minds to.

    I know this was long winded but all people who support the soldiers are not uneducated. I am tired of being equated with extremist groups because I support my father and boyfriend and many friends who are willing to stand up for their beliefs. Something many would not do, they can hide behind their computers and bash all they want, they are never in harms way.

  • Sigh

    “Grenades, rifles, missiles and tank guns come round the pole to catch up with the aggressor in each poster. ”

    Yeah ok, no frickin’ bias there. In each case the soldier is the aggressor. We wouldn’t have been there in the first place if a bunch of backwards assed extremists weren’t “agressive” to us first. Why don’t the posters show a suicide bomber or a muslim extremist beating his wife for showing skin. What comes around…

    This is not a poster about foreign policy, it is a blatant slam to the war in the middle east and nothing more. There is also the element of threat of reprisal by saying what goes around comes around. In a sense it is like, “you will get yours”.

  • Scott

    Ahh – to be young, liberal and naive. These posters are just more of the same mindless, dangerously innocent code pink pablum that blissfully ignores reality, and celebrates the notion that absolutely nothing is worth fighting for. To assume that the war in Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11 only demonstrates a remarkable vacancy of middle east history over the last 40 years. What goes around IS coming around now – to a region of the world that stubbornly refuses to learn how to govern itself, or even manage the basic feat of feeding it’s people. The writer who suggested using a jihadist instead of a soldier as the subject matter had it exactly right. As long as Islamic countries fail to take responsibility for and speak out against the spread of Islamic extremism, they will need to be ‘policed’. It’s that simple. America seems to be one of only a handful of countries that understands this, and many of our own citizens still don’t. While there were several choices aside from Afghanistan post 9/11 of where in the middle east we needed to be to undertake any serious response to the terrorist attack on our country, Iraq was the most logical choice, and in hindsight now appears to be a brilliant policy decision. While American liberals will never admit it, a tremendous debt of gratitude is owed to America and it’s brave soldiers, for accomplishing in a little over 5 years, what has eluded almost every country in the region for over 4000: Establishing a stable democracy in the middle east.

  • Lame

    I wonder how many of those defending the “simile” “subtext” and “underlying message” of this posters were furious when the New Yorker depicted Obama as a Muslim, or when the cartoonist showed the Chimpanzee shot by the police and mentioned stimulus package. Everyone assumed they were calling Obama a monkey. There was subtext in both of those examples yet all the libs got their organic panties in a wad. I guess they need a lesson in reading between the lines as well.

    Subtext or not, I believe these posters are very poorly done. There was an obvious attempt to be inflamatory.

  • jason

    …and here we are, FIGHTING over art made to discourage fighting.

  • Scott

    …uh, there’s nothing in this ‘art’ that is intended to discourage fighting. Besides, we’re ‘commenting’. We’re ‘discussing’. We’re being ‘diplomatic’. This is exactly how BO wants to deal with the murderous bastards isn’t it?

  • laurel

    Too bad these people probably don’t realize that they live in a country where it is legal to do such things. Wow freedom comes with responsibility. Stupid liberals don’t get anything. You just keep complaining about the war because you sit on your fat ass at home and do nothing and the people in the military actually make something of their lives.

  • scott

    wow leave it to the typical liberal media to use their falsified opinions to create such a disgusting message. Yes you may disagree with the war but why would you target the people who sacrifice their lives to protect you. This just shows the uneducated blame everything mentality that plagues most of America today. How about you get off your designer sofa and try to actually put yourself in a soldiers shoes you left wing radical.

  • Ryan Reece

    Some people have no respect for our armed forces. If you have a problem with a decision that is made regarding a war or conflict petition your Senators and Representatives to change something about it, but never ridicule or criticize the men and women who fight and die for your right to even make posters like these. I am ashamed that pages and ads like these even exist in the world.

  • JohnJ

    God, most of you are idiots. We didn’t invade Iraq because of terrorist actions. Al Queda is not operating in Iraq, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO CORRELATION BETWEEN 9/11 and our invasion of Iraq. The posters are commenting on Iraq… and I think they are brilliant.

    These comments illustrate just how intelligent most Americans are, and yes, I’m an American. Not exactly something I’m proud of any more.

  • Marcello Petrigh

    Congratulations. YES, what goes around comes around. I lived some 37 years in the Middle East (I am a christian European, don’t have any other ideas). We and the Zionists messed up the area. We had some good friends and now all the governments are picked up by us, and we talk about democracy.They are becoming more and more extremists: do you think we can militarily beat 350 millions Arabs, becoming more and more fanatics, and 1.5 billions Moslems, fanatics also ? Let’s negotiate or leave them to take care of themselves. They have nothing against us. They are not here we are there.

  • Scott

    Interesting comment Marcello. I believe that the vast majority of Americans would support leaving the middle east to take care of themselves – if only they would. The history of the region doesn’t bode well for the success of that plan however. The populations of the middle east have been murdering each other for generations. It’s only when they allowed their stone age religious fervor to spill over to the rest of the world that we were forced to act. If you remove the funding from terrorists, all you’re left with is a bunch of angry desert nomads. It doesn’t matter if there’s 10 or 1.5 Billion. I think the middle east is actually on the right path. Sure you can whine about how much they hate America, but the governments of the region are one by one coming to the conclusion that it is NOT in their best interests to support radical Islam. Wasn’t it Patton who said “They’ll like us when we win.”?

  • Jackson5

    I’m glad to see people supporting our troops

  • Phillip

    i think this is dumb becaus are soldiers fight for AMERICA and GOD and why would they shot themselves? My dad always told me that you gotta fight for democracy even if antiamerican liberals yell at you. Jesus luvs this countryand god bless are soldiers. i think we shuld all take a moment of silnce and peace for the brave men who died in this poseters so that comunist scum could have the right to complane about it. i love the soldiers GOD BLESS and this filth should be ashamed!

  • Thomas

    I think Americans need to stop getting into wars. How’s that panning out for you guys? Well? Near 5000 soldiers dead. And for what? I still don’t even know why USA invaded Iraq, except to extract oil and give those military contractors some sweet bonuses. Maybe stop going to war with different countries, stop acting like the world’s Police, and maybe other countries in the world would like you a little better.

  • Adder Venom

    Marcello Petrigh: I love it when you say: They are not here we are there. Imagine preciuos US of A being invaded by a foreign army wouldn’t you use all means available to get the invaders out? To Thomas: I agrre in all you said there, so right you are. And to all who uses GOD in every other sentence stop doing it, it is so retarded. A supreem being have never existed and have never stopped any wars.

  • THE Lebanese

    Adder Venom: it is “foreign armies” and not one army, remember?
    long live the coalition.

  • THE Lebanese

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

    Jiddu Krishnamurti

  • Adder Venom

    To the Lebanese: True, I know it should be armies, I was just trying to paint a scenario. So, imagine your precious country being invaded by coalition armies, wouldn’t you do everything to get the bastards out? US soldiers, quote: “we only follow orders”, yeah, just like the Nazis. Start thinking already.

  • Curtis

    Hey Robert and people like him who say stupid shit like, “Too bad Al Qaeda didn’t hear this before 9/11?” You are missing the point! Imagine you are an Afghanistan villager. We come in and bomb your village. Every survivor is now totally against the USA and will probably Join Al Qaeda. That is what this is all about. We don’t even have any proof that Al Qaeda had anything to do with 9/11. If we do explain to me why Osama Bin Laden is only wanted by the FBI for something he did way before 9/11. Stop taking what Fox and Limbaugh say for facts and do some research yourselves, morons!

  • Mike

    Most all of you need to lay off the retard sandwiches and listen up! Firstly, I am an American and proud of it and frankly dont give a rats rear-end what people from other countries think of us/me. If we are hated so much then why are people from other countries flocking to the U.S. by the millions!! Secondly, if you dont like it in the U.S. leave!! Thirdly, EVERYONE wanted to kick some Saddam tail after 9/11, and W didnt just make some wild hair decision to go open a can, a collaborative decision was made based on information that was provided to him as well as the Allies… No one wants to go to war but sometimes its a necessary evil… Fourthly, Adder Venom, there is a GOD and you along with everyone else will bow before him some day… Believe that!!

  • Dixon

    Wow. Some of these comments are painful to read. First of all, I’m tired of hearing that soldiers protect my freedom. From whom? The USA is not in any danger from external enemies. We won’t be invaded by Canada or Mexico any time soon. Internal enemies, on the other hand, have been very effective at limiting my freedom in the name of protecting my freedom. Second, Sadam Heusein was an enemy of Al Qaueda. The did not collaborate on the 9/11 attacks. If you went to Iraq, you were following orders but you weren’t gettin’ any pay-back for 9/11. And Third, my constitution is very clear on whom has the right to declare war (hint: it’s not the president). Any president that declared war, congress that authorized it, or army that fought said war was not protecting American ideals. If you participated in the Iraq war, you came closer to defending a monarchist vendetta (“Sadam tried to kill my dad!”) than exercising American values.

  • Mike

    a typical American thinks:
    US is number 1
    Mexicans does your laundry.
    South America supplies the coffee.
    Europeans are Cowards.
    Russians are communist.
    North is were Santa close.
    Arabs, afghans, Pakistanis, and Koreans are terrorist.
    China are there to copy things.
    japan does your electronics.
    and those are the people in here thinking you have a right to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, because you are like a judge who listen to one party and then makes their judgment and that party is your local channels like FOX news.
    GOD gave us a special thing called mind to diferentiate us from Animals and to think.
    you guys should start using that special thing before judging other nations and other who should be in control of which country.

    there is no enemy out there, until you go and look for it.

  • Bob Qwerty

    Good advertisements, good message.

  • steve

    this ads are ridiculous

  • THE Lebanese

    mike: one word “prejudice”

    and one more thing, i don’t think you have the right to interfere in others’ beliefs, whether venom has a god or no it is his life, and if u still believe in a mighty lord then it is your problem. i might be wrong but i assume you are American, eventually you live in “the haven of democracy” -since there is the USA against other nations on earth.
    i don’t give a damn about your country, to be honest, but i still care about my country and I’m concerned about your interference in our upcoming elections. not that i don’t respect you or america, its only that i disagree with your fellow yankees in their indeligate way of handling external affairs.
    to each and every US president, get your dirty hands off our countries, u have enough trouble back at home.

    no need to mention your economical crisis, at least its not my fault 😉

  • THE Lebanese

    why do i always type indelicate that way!!

  • lister



  • Steve

    Soldiers volunteered.
    If I worked for a company that did something terrible, like say, released a product that killed children, I would quit. Perhaps it’s time soldiers did the same, instead of murdering thousands of people.
    The ignorance of the general population of the USA astounds me. It is incredibly telling of how well the ruling class has lead the “people” to believe that outside the USA is evil, and scary and that there is no better place in the world.
    How close minded can you possibly be.

    The ads however, are brilliant, whether directed at the soldiers or not.

  • Rebecca

    Mike: You did not come up with the ideas of what a “typical” person from the USA thinks. It was a funny map someone else made and posted online.

    Anyone not from the U.S.: Your opinion is much like my opinion of your countries..it doesn’t matter. You don’t live the life of someone living here, how can you throw in your 2 cents on something you know nothing about?

    Republicans and people who support the troops don’t just watch Fox News. I never watch Fox News. I listen to both sides on my XM/Sirius radio when driving to work. Channels (America Right) (America Left) check it out.

    I find it humorous how many non-Americans bash America, yet you move here to escape high taxes and health care that isn’t competitive. I personally love my health care, I have a job and am a full time student yet I still manage to afford to keep myself healthy. It is really not that hard of a concept.I also don’t like waiting forever to see my doctor.

    American troops are not the only ones in this war, yet we are targeted above all others.

    Your blessed European troops are there as well! Check your facts!

    Again, If you hate America and are not from here I don’t care. If you hate America and do live here,leave. What is holding you to a country you hate so much??

  • Mylene

    These ads are amazing! The war has hurt so many people and this is a proper and genius depiction of how it can go back! You might want to see these pics of tearjerking war moments http://feedmecheesy.com/2009/04/24/18-worlds-most-inspiring-photos

  • adri


  • adri

    Mike you’re f****n awesome!!


    All of you idiots who keep saying that it’s the soldiers who “give us” our freedoms are clearly misinformed. Sorry to say, but you’re just wrong. It’s the U.S. Constitution that gurantees those freedoms, and the soldiers are, as many have said, “just doing their jobs.” Apparently many of them don’t want to be there, but nobody forced them to join the Army. Sure, I’m all for supporting our troops, but to say that they’re “giving us” freedoms is complete ignorant bullshit.