What Goes Around Comes Around

Big Ant International have won a Gold Pencil for Design (Public Service Poster) at the One Show Design Awards held this week. Four posters were designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq, pointing to the Global Coalition for Peace web site. Grenades, rifles, missiles and tank guns come round the pole to catch up with the aggressor in each poster. What goes around comes around. The campaign won a Silver Pencil at the One Show and has also been shortlisted at the 2009 Clio Awards (May 12-14) (WON GOLD) and D&AD Awards (June 11), and won a Gold Outdoors Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival (June 23).

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace

What Goes Around Comes Around poster for Global Coalition for Peace


“What Goes Around” was developed at Big Ant International, New York, by creative director Alfred S. Park, associate creative director Frank Anselmo, art director Jeseok Yi, copywriters Francisco Hui and William Tran.

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  • Mike

    Anyone hear of the Marshall Plan?
    Simple history:
    WWI: depression, Hitler rose to power to lead Germans out of the depression
    WWII: Europe entering a second depression; Marshall Plan saved an entire continent (minus Soviet block which refused aid)
    Result: Europe = longtime ally of US & world peace (for the most part)

    If we leave Iraq like it is, we’re following the same exact path as post WWI Europe.

  • Soul

    The truth is we live in a world full of good & bad ,And the war weather it be on your door step or thousands of miles away between your self s or others it really is deeply rooted in the good&bad forces at work (so who’s side are you on, think about it before you go to bed to night. do you really know who you are ,let alone what the truth is or even what is good or bad .get a life today .Innocent people are Innocent no mater who they are .

  • Matt

    Absolutely brilliant posters, surely some of those comments have to be satire, no one can be that ignorant and stupid, or can they?

  • Soul

    These pictures show harm to soldiers
    I joined the military (its not my fault)
    Tell the kids being shot
    show respect to the soldiers
    it is about foreign policy
    Put the government officials in the posters
    government and the politicians you elected.
    The world telling others how to live and where to ship their oil.
    pictures show harm to your own people (EVERY ONE BELONGS TO SOME ONE)
    the barrel of a gun pointed at soldiers (from other soldiers)
    This is not an attack on the soldiers, the soldiers are simply being used as a visual representation
    Being peaceful caused Al-Queda to attack us twice, (DID IT COME AROUND?)
    Afghanistan is winding up (WILL IT COME AROUND?)
    Tell the kids being shot
    government and the politicians you elected.

    An end to this. The US is headed in a bad direction. I just hope our Commander In Chief can steer us clear of this Global ‘asteroid’ we are headed for. (WHAT GOES AROUND ,COMES AROUND)
    we put Saddam and Bin Laden in power,
    I guess liberating 25 million in Iraq from a ruthless dictator was a bad idea.
    Tell the Mothers of the kids being shot
    We destroyed a modern country
    to live with each other as equals.
    I too am an American but, I’m not too particularly proud of what they do. Since Vietnam I have been living outside the USA
    Once I thought I’d never be able to find a clever and smart American in the world, now I’ve found some so I hope I will find more someday.
    I still don’t even know why USA invaded Iraq, except to extract oil
    having Weapons of Mass Destruction (OIL)

  • sam_E

    It is very scary that even in a post-Bush era, so many people have not even had a whiff of the coffee. Wake up.

    The photos are obviously not meant to be taken literally and they are a brilliant idea.

    If our soldiers do not recognize that even their actions have consequences, then how are they any different to enemy soldiers?

    Another good image might be to show government officials selling arms to countries or people who eventually become enemies.

    That is a clear example of what these images portray, without offending those so in favor of not showing the world clear, obvious, staring-you-in-the-face truths.

  • Meghan Walsh

    Outstanding. This poster sends out such a strong message.

    How can I get my hands on one?

  • Duha Asker

    MTV did the same thing about 4/5 years ago made with the same content.

  • JimBob

    Where’s the version that depicts the jihadists?

    • anonymous

      U i guess r a stearotyipical american, these pictures send a strong message but i have to tell u one thing Al-qaudah (or howev u spell it) are nt muslims, they call themselves muslims and jihads bt they are NOT, they are mentally ill people whohave made very poor choices. in islam when muslims take in prisinors of war or hostages they are not tortured nor chained nor killed they r given food water shelter and people taking care of them. a jihad is someone who dies in war not for fame or honor but because he believes in god and will die with god’s name on his lip, so yeah when a person is taken hostagewith europueans and americans they’re chained tortured and killed, so yea when will the fairnss come around?

      • zleke

        are you serious? what world of delirium do you live in?

  • Human Decency

    If I were to ever walk passed one of these posters I would rip it down and piss on it. I’m not even a violent person, (or a supporter of the war.) Pissing on this poster is a much better protest.

    Violence and hatred begat one another – no matter who is sending the messaging, firing the gun, or littering with a poster.

  • Sean

    This is awful piece of trash and sends the wrong message to our troops. What goes around does indeed come around, to anyone I see putting up one of these pieces of trash. I will hand you your ass on a platter. They are fighting for YOUR freedoms too. Dying for your freedom too. For the Iraqi citizens that were tortured and terrorized under Saddams dictatorship. The Iraqi people and children are glad to see us there and helping. For those of you that don’t believe it, get out of your stupid art studio, your dorm room, turn off CNN and go talk to some actual soldiers that were THERE.

    • tog2476

      They are not fighting for our freedoms, what about freedom for us? What about freedom from bailouts being paid to Goldman Sachs who wants to create cap and trade to essentially tax everything made in the world so they can get a cut from every business on earth. America has been taken over and you need to recognize that. I am a former Marine, and these troops are being used for the wrong reasons. They fight for good intentions because they have been brainwashed to believe it is for freedom. Once they are done securing democracies around the world, they will finish America off. America is still useful to the elites, we are taking over countries for them under the guise of establishing demcracies. What we are establishing is making countries civilised so the elites can control them. I love our troops, but they should only be sent to die when it is for national defense, not national offense. We have Mexicans crossing our borders daily, why aren’t terrorists doing the same? Think about that long and hard until you realize the war on terror is a war on freedom for a bunch of rich aholes who cannot seem to satisfy their appetites for money, power, and control.

    • anonymous

      this poster is for the war in IRAQ! if u didn’t see that, what did iraq do to america? when did iraq take away our freedom? how is the war giving our so-called “taken freedoms” back? honestly talk to the soliders there, ask them do they really want to be there, do they really want to be the ones causing an unstable country to collaspe? no, i suppose they dont, think about things and think them thourgh before you talk

  • Proud US Soldier

    “Grenades, rifles, missiles and tank guns come round the pole to catch up with the aggressor in each poster. What goes around comes around.”

    “Aggressor” Really?
    Is that you call me and my Brothers in arms?
    You people disgust me! You have no sense of national pride.
    Myself and my fellow soldiers place our selves in harms way to keep the harm from coming back here(home).
    If you had any idea what your talking about, about Islamic Jihadists who think it is to conduct warfare around civilians, So as, to attempt to create more civilian casualties.
    You’ve got the wrong side in the posters. Where’s the wrap-around picture of a Jihadist firing an AK47, with innocent civilians running behind him.
    and the barrel of his rifle pointing at his head?

    Well? Where is it? I’ll tell you where it is. It does not exist because there isn’t one.
    As you and your slime-ball coworkers are not concerned with making your own country look good, in-fact, I contend that you and your kind actively hate America and the very freedoms she stands for.
    If you don’t like so much, Please, Pretty please, leave, with ****ing sugar on top.

    If you can’t stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them, Preferably with a blue and white, checkered turban on your head.
    Until you’ve been there and seen what we’ve done for the Iraqi people you need to keep your mouths shut!

    • tog2476

      First off, thank you for your service from a former Marine who would gladly die so that you should live. I want to tell you that you are fighting people trained by our very own CIA, and that is a provable fact. We trained the Taliban to fight the Russians so Russia would be broken up into pieces and more easily controlled. We put Saddam Hussein into power, that is a fact also. It is hard to see the big picture of all of this, but if you start to research it, and break it down, the elites, no not people like Bill Gates, the elites that don’t get on the richest people lists because they don’t want to be on them. The elites who could buy and sell Bill Gates in two seconds will use American troops to conquer the world, civilise it, control the resources and money supply of those countries and eventually come back to America as the final land to take over. They will pass a health care bill, then they will pass a cap and trade bill, the patriot act will be in full force so they can spy on everyone here, habeus corpus has already been eliminated, miranda rights are being dissolved, and woo lah. We will be last in line under their control because they still need us American troops to take over the rest of the world first. We will be done once we lose our usefulness, just like Saddam. It is happening, you just have to drop your guard and research it on a large scale. You cannot look at your surroundings around you, civilian or embattled soldier to realize this, you have to look at the whole picture. God Bless you for your service and stay safe, I know there are a lot of good things that come out of what you are doing, but in the end the intentions of what you are doing are not for good, not because of you, but because of the people who run the world. God bless.

    • anonymous

      sir i belive you’ve got the wrong definition of a jihadist in your head, u know how u said wear is them firing an ak-47 with civillians behind them? well u aren’t c-ing theworld outside of american probelms. i want you to go and research the war in palestine, with innocent muslim children being killed with only stones to defend themsleves, with women being raped and slaughtered cuassluy, with muslims who’ve done nothing wrong being killed by illeagal bombs, jihads aren’t wat u think. ur very mind has been polluted with false images media feeds, so i suppose u check my previous relpy,

      U i guess r a stearotyipical american, these pictures send a strong message but i have to tell u one thing Al-qaudah (or howev u spell it) are nt muslims, they call themselves muslims and jihads bt they are NOT, they are mentally ill people whohave made very poor choices. in islam when muslims take in prisinors of war or hostages they are not tortured nor chained nor killed they r given food water shelter and people taking care of them. a jihad is someone who dies in war not for fame or honor but because he believes in god and will die with god’s name on his lip, so yeah when a person is taken hostagewith europueans and americans they’re chained tortured and killed, so yea when will the fairnss come around?

      to JimBob…


      an american-muslim whoose life has been warped because of false images

      ~12 year old girl who knows more about life then most

  • 79rustyk10

    Are you guys really serious! come on Our soldiers are fighting to protect you and your freedoms and you make posters like this. YOU people are whats wrong with this country. Shows how patriotic you hippie liberal scumbags are.

    • Bojo

      Okay, let’s say for a second that they are fighting for our “freedom”. Then they will understand that it is practicing our freedom of speech, thusly, if they weren’t fighting for our freedom we couldn’t say this. However, they don’t fight for their country or their president, nope, not even your sorry ass, or mine, they fight for the man next to them, they fight to survive. And this isn’t exactly a message to the soldiers saying “haha, you’re going to die” it’s a message to america saying “Guess what, what we’re doing is wrong, and people that we kill, will kill us, and that violence begets more violence” But thanks for your uninformed comment. Not thinking, intolerance, bigotry, and ignorance, THAT is what is wrong with America.

  • mandy

    This is horrible. Who ever made these posters are a waste of American Life! My dad and my brother are both over their fighting, and I’m sure they would love these…(not!) If you don’t like the way things are ran in this country, get out no one is making you stay here. They are the ones fighting for you, have some respect.
    oorah! 🙂

  • angelica

    these posters are obviously made by someone who doesnt have a loved one in the service. It takes such an immense sacrafice to leave your family behind and to risk your life for something like this… protest against our presidents but dont disrespect OUR soldiers…

  • showrespect

    Show some respect. these people are risking their lives to protect you from an unstable country. The least you could do is thank them for saving your ass.

  • I understand the points that some people here are making, because some of them do make sense. But, by god, stop calling people ‘anti-American’, ‘hippies’, or ‘unpatriotic’, because ‘anti-American’ means the opposite of America, and in that case, you’re pretty much saying that America is flawless. Why? If people could just admit a few flaws, then things might go better…

    What worries me is that the majority of these comments seem to be pro-war, but speaking from a perspective that they say they help the Iraqi people by way of conducting the war. The Iraqi people includes their soldiers, does it not? These comments seem to say that the American troops are fine because they’re helping the Iraqi civilians, and the Iraqi civilians are innocent, but don’t you think the same line of thinking applies to the opposition; don’t you think that they think they might just be fighting to defend their country?

    I’ve also noticed that some people seem to say the soldiers are protecting America and its freedom. But the fact is that the Iraq war is taking place in Iraq, not in America. If it had been them throwing the first stone, infiltrating your country, then you might have had a point. As it stands now, it simply sounds xenophobic and paranoid. They likely aren’t going over to conquer first America, then the world if you pulled out today.

    I suppose I don’t have much experience in this matter, but I enjoy nonhostile discussions as if I was a British gentleman.

    • A Fellow Soldier

      You clearly don’t have a grasp on the two wars that are being fought and need to actually read some news. We are not fighting the Iraqi army we work beside them in Iraq. I don’t know where you got information to the contrary, but we haven’t been fighting the Iraqi army since Saddam was captured. We fight insurgent elements within Iraq with the assistance of Iraqis. The same goes for Afghanistan. We never fought the Afghan army, we have always fought against Al-Queda and The Taliban.

      Please if you’re going to try to make a point at least think about it first. We aren’t fighting the soldiers of another nation. We are fighting groups who’s only purpose is to destabilize those countries.

  • Great work. That made me laugh. About the only thing that has done that all day. Thank you.

  • simona

    for gods sake people ITS NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY
    the posters are not saying that if you throw a grenade, someone will throw one back at you (but thats perfectly possible) theyre saying that if we invade a country primarily for oil (in fairness we didliberate millions froma cruel dictator, but that was years ago) and continue fighting, rather than trying to stabilise the country again, then whats to stop us from being invaded for no really good reason??

  • Dean

    Doing nothing has it’s own consequences. Usually bad if the embolden an enemy. You may not like it but often the best defense is a strong offense. The motto of SAC was “Peace is our profession” In the end, they kept it. Sticking your head in a hole only keeps you from seeing the bullet getting shot at your unprotected butt. You do the best you can with what you’ve got. You NEVER leave a fight or show weakness or you will be run over. You even live by this simply in the action of this campaign. It is in the form of an ATTACK in and of itself. Would YOU just “walk away”? You have a belief, you do the best you can with what you have. Problem is just that it is a fatally flawed concept.
    -regards from the land of common sense

  • Joel

    Um I’m pretty sure our troops are not fighting for our freedom. We are already free. This war will not change the way our society is. The least we should do is thank them and let them go home for a war that should have been over after the first 2 years.

  • I.

    You are calling the US military the “AGRESSORS” are you retarded!? We didnt blow up Mecca did we… Not last time I checked, they attacked us and we retaliated. If we didnt retaliate they would take that as a sign of weakness and would have continued to harass us and come on to American soil to terrorize the people of our beautiful country (well at least its MY beautiful country). If you dont support the men and women that give you the right to post trash like that up in the first place you can just pack your bags and get outta the country.

  • Concerned Tweak

    To settle all the Ignorance and Stupidity regarding this, please note:
    Regular everyday people become enlisted to fight for the protection of the country that you should be ashamed to live in. If you do not like the policies, don’t elect the wrong politicians. But for the love of God, don’t take it out on the very people who fight for you, or you may not have them someday.

  • Mike

    The fact that these artists can make these posters is the most American thing they can do. I don’t agree with the message or the portrayal of the message but it makes me more proud than I can describe that they are ALLOWED to post those, when in some parts of the world these artists would be severely punished. I am a soldier in Iraq right now. You know what I’m doing? I’m a medic stationed here serving the Iraqis. We unquestionably give them medical attention that they need. We even serve the insurgents that have killed and maimed my brothers and sisters. I’m happy to do it, because it’s my duty as a soldier. We didn’t train the Taliban, we trained all Afghans who were able bodied, the Taliban took control when we left because we didn’t stabilize the country, which was our fault and is exactly why we are there now. I might not necessarily agree with the Iraq War but we are helping them. The recent turn down of combat forces in Iraq has began the start of a new operation, Operation New Hope, and it has that name sake for a reason. For the first time in years we trained the Iraqi people to be completely capable of running their own country. Tell me this, what am I doing wrong? I see a soldier with his own weapon to his back, but when I am working on patients, will I get a bullet in my back? I appreciate the art, it sends a strong message, just be aware of the message that it send. What goes around comes around. Hopefully you and some of the Iraqis will see we aren’t here to steal oil or maintain power but to truly help these people. Walk on the same sand as I and then you can tell me different. Thank you to the supporters, and if you truly think I deserve a bullet in my back, tell that to my family who won’t see me for a year.

  • Mphn

    You people make me laugh with anger. This is funny and quite true. Everything you do has a consequence and this is showing an example of that. Clearly, people cannot see the bigger picture even with all the so called “knowledge” everyone is trying to show (especially what they ‘know’ about why America ever fights a country). And people cannot see the views of both of ‘ours’ and the enemy for if we could we’d understand much more. Everyone fights for something not just Americans and everyone belongs to someone (have loved ones). I am not American born but was born in VN. Does that change your view of my comment? Will that just instigate a “discussion” about the VN war? Orr will people broaden their views for I have. Stop being so self-righteous and speaking before deep thought. Observe long and ponder the meaning.

  • Neila

    Yes, to effect political change let’s show soldiers being shot in the back. Oh but we’re making a point right? Stupid liberals, yes, the point is made, but if you don’t see how distasteful this is for all those with loved ones in the military then you don’t deserve to be free. The dips**ts who thumb this up are the same ones that cheer ‘dumb cops’ videos and then call the cops when their car gets stolen.

  • At 14 I had recruiters at my home 17 was wedded and 18 signed for the draft. Today I wouldn’t piss on this country if that’s all it took to save it. Major corporations have destroyed my home and all propety and made my family sick from a released cloud of toxins. The court of the fifth circuit. Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas have taken all our civil rights away.

    We were used by attorneys, judges and countless politicians to gain billions in awards by the Mississippi and Louisiana courts and they my family was left for dead. If another country invaded us don’t be suprised to see me in their ranks. The American government what an evil.

  • Joe

    Korean artists are very good. These pictures really need to be seen by a much wider audience — very direct, and to the point.

    There are so many good artists, all over Korea — lets see these images and messages reach Europe and USA — especially USA — The Americans and NATO need to get the message — just stop bombing other people’s countries! Just stop.

  • The pictures say ” Hello America “

  • Joe

    More love, more peace, more understanding — you won’t gain any of these things by bombing whole nations into submission.

    These are great photographs, and full of meaning for those of us who will listen and think.

    It is great work for all of us to consider — stop the wars in the 21st century. There must be better things for our countries to spend money on, than bombing poor people in the Middle East.

  • Joe

    Long live Palestine, Long Live the people of Gaza.

    Free Palestine.

  • i mhate blogs with guns

  • Pagster

    Americans should really realise that they’ve been lied to about this, and many other wars. They;re out there fighting for your freedom? No, you handed that over after 9/11 when politicians used the ‘terrorist’ bogey man to draft through bills that give them massive amounts of power over the common man.

    No detriment to the soldiers themselves, they’re merely doing as they’re told, so I can see where the people against these posters are coming from.

    You should all watch a documentary called ‘Zeitgeist’ It’s full of interesting facts, such as how the Bush family have benefited from wars since World War 2.

    The world today is run by money and everyday people’s lives are worthless to those in pursuit of it.