Wego Motel Mini Movies

Wego Motel ((薇閣旅館) in Taipei, Taiwan, has a reputation as a popular love motel, a place where couples can spend time in luxury and privacy. The company worked with Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Taiwan, Taipei, commissioned a series of short adult films (mini movies) to foster that reputation. “Soap”, “Shower Cap” and “Room Service” provide a kinky, definitely NSFW take on what happens behind the doors.

Wego Motel Presents Mini Movies


A tryst for a young couple goes wrong, all because of a piece of soap. The woman (Mei Yin Wang) discovers the motel room has all she needs to deal with the situation. Soap opera voices provide the telephone messages. Watch Soap online at YouTube.

Soap was written and edited by director Masami Kamiyama via Greatland Films, with executive producer Wen Da Yuan, production manager Kuan Ying Hsaio, director of photography Tsan Chin Wang. Music is by Ming Chieh Li. Post production was done at Leader Asia Pacific Creativity Center. Soap won a Gold Clio Award for cinematography, a Silver Clio Award for Direction, and a Gold Lotus at Adfest 2009 for Best Online Film.

Wego Motel Soap

Shower Cap

A short film, directed by Lo Ging-Zim, tells the story of a man who has found the way to develop a repetitive love life, spurred on by the influence of the shower cap. Wego courteously provides hair clips to help break the curse of the shower cap. See the Shower Cap film online at YouTube. Shower Cap won a Silver Lotus at Adfest 2009 for Best Online Film.

Room Service

A young man quizzes his girlfriend about the forbidden loves she witnesses as she delivers meals to rooms at the Wego Motel. Directed by Chen Hung-I at Red Society Films with executive Terissa Chen, director of photography Fish Yu, producer Fujing Lin. Music is by Telephone Booth. See Room Service online at YouTube. Room Service won a Bronze Lotus at Adfest 2009 for Best Online Film.

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