We Choose The Moon

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum has launched a web site, WeChooseTheMoon.org, to commemorate the first landing on the moon forty years ago in 1969. The site was launched at 9.32 am, July 16, to mirror the timing of the original Apollo 11 launch, and will follow the Apollo 11 project in real time until touchdown of the shuttle on July 20.

We Choose the Moon site screenshot

The We Choose The Moon site was named after a line from John F Kennedy’s famous speech on travel to the moon, delivered at Rice University on September 12th, 1962. WeChooseTheMoon.org includes a range of NASA archives, including audio transmissions and transcripts of communications between Cape Canaveral and the space shuttle, as well as 400 photographs and 44 video clips.

At eleven intervals throughout the mission, from take-off to landing, 3D-animated clips illustrate the shuttle’s trajectory to the moon and, at each stage, a new set of supporting videos and photos are released. Visitors to the site, powered by AOL, can follow the shuttle’s course while listening to the more than 100 hours of the original audio transmission between the astronauts and control team in Houston.

Three Twitter channels have been developed using excerpts from the 650-page transcript of the transmission, online at twitter.com/AP11_Spacecraft (Apollo 11 to Houston communication), twitter.com/AP11_Capcom (Houston to Apollo 11) and twitter.com/AP11_Eagle (Eagle to Houston and Columbia). The transmissions are being released using a specially built application that feeds text from a spreadsheet.

We Choose the Moon site mission status widget

A mission status widget is available for embedding on Facebook, MySpace and on one’s personal computer desktop.

After the virtual shuttle lands on July 20, the site will transition into an educational tool, where visitors can conduct a self-guided tour of the mission. It will also be used as an exhibit at the library museum.

The site includes 400 NASA photographs and 44 archival videos, 109 hours, 24 minutes of audio transmissions streamed “as they happened”, approximately 700 Mission tweets featuring real-time transmission excerpts, 102 hours, 45 minutes and 39.9 seconds of mission tracking, 11 mission-critical events rendered in stunning animation, and 2,223 pages of declassified mission documents influence mission’s authenticity.

We Choose the Moon Credits

The We Choose the Moon site campaign was developed at The Martin Agency by creative director Joe Alexander, copywriter Wade Alger, art directors Brian Williams, agency producer Darbi Fretwell, assistant producer Norma Kwee, project managers Sandra Snead, director of innovation Mark Pavia.

The site was produced at Domani Studios by executive creative director Jon Hills, creative director Ben Tricklebank, art director Saulo Rodrigues, technology director Oscar Trelles, senior interactive producer Steven Hubert, motion graphics designer Justin Young, animator Petter Safwenberg, and senior developer Mark Llobrera, and Flash developer Chris Wise.