We Can Solve It with a Logo

The Alliance for Climate Protection now has an award-winning logo for the We Campaign. The The logo is a visual pun on the words “me” and “we”, won a gold pencil at the One Show Design Awards this week, awarded to Collins, New York and The Martin Agency, Richmond.

Logo for The Alliance for Environmental Protection We Can Campaign

The We Campaign is a project of The Alliance for Climate Protection, a nonprofit, nonpartisan effort founded by Nobel laureate and former Vice President Al Gore. The goal of the Alliance is to build a movement that creates the political will to solve the climate crisis, in part through repowering America with 100 percent of its electricity from clean energy sources within 10 years.

Logo for The Alliance for Environmental Protection

From the Collins Site:

“…Too much “me” is the problem communication must solve. Most individuals don’t notice the effects of climate change. And business interests question investment in preventive measures. Inspiration for Al Gore and the design team came from America’s founding document – in which “We the People” faced a shared peril and contracted for a new, shared future. The transformational story is the logo itself. We are the solution, but we still includes me. And the green circle, well, you know what that’s about. We needed a unique visual language with clarity and warmth. So we created a new typeface to do just that. The letter forms are strongly declarative, while their rounded shapes convey a sense of openness and optimism…”

Logo for The Alliance for Environmental Protection

For higher resolution images visit the We Campaign Logo Page.

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