Walter Cronkite on Apollo 11 Moon Landing

Walter Cronkite, who died today at the age of 92, was 52 during the week he provided a television commentary on the Apollo 11 mission, in his role as anchorman for the CBS Evening News.

Walter Cronkite on CBS News with Apollo capsules

Cronkite appears here in a 1996 interview with Kira Albin talking about what it was like to provide his marathon live coverage of the first moon landing. “I had as much time to prepare for that moon landing as NASA did, and I still was speechless when it happened. It just was so awe-inspiring to actually be able to see the thing through the television that was a miracle in itself.”

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Listen out for Walter’s classic words, “Gosh! Wow! Gee!” during the touch down of the Eagle module.

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NASA presented Walter Cronkite with an Ambassador of Exploration Award on February 28, 2006, at a ceremony in Austin, Texas.

Interestingly, Walter Cronkite’s name is regularly being mis-spelled as Walter Kronkite online, particularly on Twitter.

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