VW Eos The Open Cage

Volkswagen in Brazil has launched the Eos, the new convertible coupé convertible, with The Open Cage, an advertising campaign online at www.vw.com.br/eos. “The Open Cage” tells the story of a beautiful woman who drives the Eos along a winding road, followed by birds.

The Open Cage VW Eos film

The Open Cage internet site, once it has loaded, provides visitors with a three minute film (also online at YouTube) providing a range of angles, including aerial scenes. Drivers can use their computer keyboards to divert the birds and get to their destination. Portuguese instructions are translated in English: “A car. A destination. And some things in the middle of the road for you to solve. Click. From there, with beautiful images and scenes made in Itu and Igaratá road, interior of São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, you can follow the tour of the beautiful driver and help it to reach its destination, bypassing the birds that follow.”

Click on the image below to play the video.

Making Of Film

Viewers can explore the making-of reports on the Eos blog.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Open Cage campaign was developed at Almap BBDO Sao Paulo by creative directors Marcello Serpa and Sergio Mugnaini, with creatives Luciana Haguiara and Nathalia Resende.

Filming was shot by director Fernando Andrade Grostein via Spray Filmes with production executive Karina Amabile, director of photography Rafael Levy. Post production and 3D was done at Casablanca.

Flash was designed at Grafikonstruct by Rodrigo Teco, Rodrigo Alarcon and Andrew Anaya.

Sound was produced by Panda Sonora. Music was arranged by Lucas Lima.

via Designinforma