Vodafone What Are You Waiting For?

Vodafone Australia has launched ‘What Are You Waiting For?’, a new brand campaign focused on the global tag line, “Make The Most of Now”. The integrated advertising campaign, using television, print online and ambient work to provide answers to the “One Day” dreams of Australians.

What Are You Waiting For? in Vodafone commercial

An excited young boy announces that “One Day” is here. A woman steps up to kiss her man. A priest hands out condoms after church. A supermarket employee announces his resignation over the sound system. The ad includes mice chasing cats chasing dogs, a cross dressing bus driver, and a man driving to work in his bed. The spot finishes with the tag line, “What are you waiting for”, and a bouncy castle floating down the Shotover river. Music is “Let’s Fall Back In Love”, by Sheffield duo Slow Club, from their EP of the same name released in 2008.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Danielle Crook, General Manager Brand & Communications at Vodafone Australia, explains the thinking behind the new campaign.

“This new campaign demonstrates that, with Vodafone, you can do all the things you’ve always wanted to do with your life or business, right now. It celebrates every moment as an opportunity to do more, get more and be more.”

“A lot of people promise themselves that one-day they’ll achieve their dreams. One-day I’ll be an astronaut. One-day I’ll be a fighter pilot. One-day I’ll be the world’s best surfer. The campaign is designed to help people realise that they don’t have to wait for one-day”.

Vodafone Make the Most of Now Bunjee site

Vodafone has launched www.makethemostofnow.com.au , a new web portal created to help Australian’s achieve their dreams by collating online streams of information to show them the best way to make those dreams reality. The site is designed to respond to popular quests, such as flying a plane, bunjee jumping, skiing and surfing.

Vodafone is also launching a range of bespoke product advertising which ladders down from ‘What Are You Waiting For?’. It promotes Vodafone’s ‘Free Evenings & Weekends’, ‘Prepay Mobile Broadband’ and prepay caps across TV, radio, press, outdoor and online.

The campaign is being launched in city streets with experiential installations featuring Vodafone ambassadors such as former world champion surfer Layne Beachley teaching people to surf in Martin Place (see the Fairfax news video), people learning to skydive and people learning to paint a masterpiece.


The concept for ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ was developed by Vodafone Australia and Clemenger BBDO Sydney. The TV commercial was shot by director Garth Davis Exit Films, Melbourne, with producer Karen Sproul.

via Campaign Brief

Lyrics for Let’s Fall Back In Love

…And although you are so near
In everything you do
All your doubts and fears are all so…

Sleeping, I’ll be sleeping
Into the afternoon
I know it sounds lazy, sleeping like a baby
But I always dream without you

Troubled, I’ll be troubled
I’ve got to get on the run
So pack your bag, let’s see how far
We can get without a car
We’ll be sleeping in it too

And although you are so near
In everything you do
All your doubts and fears are all so…

And although you are so near
In everything you do
All your doubts and fears are all so…

I’ve been meaning to tell you
What I’ve been thinking of
You and me forever
Let’s fall back in love