Verizon Wireless Don’t Text and Drive

Verizon Wireless is encouraging people who get into a vehicle’s driver seat to keep their hands on the wheel, with “Don’t Text and Drive,” an advertising campaign using television, radio, print, online, billboards and non-traditional media. The campaign is low on imagery, focusing on the simple text message, “Please Don’t Text and Drive”.

Verizon Wireless Don't Text and Drive

Dan Mead, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Verizon Wireless, said, “Our objective is clear and simple: change the behavior of drivers who text while behind the wheel. No text message is worth risking a life.”

One radio spot lists the people who “… would really like to see you get home safely,” including husbands, wives, children, brothers and sisters, family friends and more. The TV commercial shows a classic Verizon Wireless billboard being dismantled overnight and replaced by a new message.

Verizon Wireless points to their long history of leadership on the issue of driving while using wireless service. “The very first year we formed Verizon Wireless in 2000, we broke from the rest of the wireless industry by supporting legislation that required people who talked while driving to use hands-free devices,” Mead noted. “More recently, as texting has become mainstream, we support bans on texting while driving and prohibit Verizon Wireless employees from texting while on the job or in a company vehicle.”

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