Vendor Client Relationships in Real Life

The creative community is warming up to “Vendor Client Relationships in Real Life”, a 2:19 video parodying the unwillingness of clients to pay for services they have received or would like to receive. Zeorge497, a kind soul in the United States, has posted the video on YouTube to name the problem in three scenarios.

Hairdresser and Client in Vendor Client Relationships

A couple in a restaurant call the waiter to try and renegotiate the bill. “We didn’t budget for this”, the guy says. A customer in a DVD store tries to talk the store clerk into marking a DVD down from $19.99 to $7. A woman tells her hairdresser that she’d like the highlights even though she can only pay for the trim.


The Vendor Client video, online at, was produced by Scofield Editorial, Indianapolis.

Casting Agency: Artistic Enterprises
Casting Director: Michelle Moore

Video Store Customer: David Meek
Video Store Clerk: Nick Krcek
Restaurant Customer (Male): Andy Guerdan
Restaurant Customer (Female): Andrea Gregory
Server: Landon Mitchell
Chef: Ron Pinkney
Hair Stylist: Chris Cones
Salon Patron: Anna Martinez

Additional Crew:
Lighting Director: Luke Amos
Camera Assist/Best Boy/Boom Op: Benjamin Dewhurst
Location Audio/Mix: Ben Ericsen

Special Thanks to:
Earshot Audio Post
Mass Ave Video
Marco’s Restaurant & Lounge
Secrets Nail & Hair Salon

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