Veikkaaja Sports Fan Photographs Himself

Finnish sports magazine Veikkaaja has produced a commercial using the “Takes A Photo Of Himself Every Day” genre popularized by Everyday Noah Kalina. A young man is photographed in a variety of settings demonstrating his passion for watching sport. “Penkkiurheilu vasta urheilua onkin” is translated from Finnish to English as “It’s a sport to be a sports fan.”

Veikkaaja Sports Fan

Everyday Noah

Noah Kalina began his self portrait project on January 11th 2000, gaining millions of views of his edited video of six years of photographs posted on YouTube in August 2006, using piano music by Carly Comando.


The Veikkaaja Sports Fan campaign was created at Hasan & Partners, Finland, by creative director Eka Ruola, art director Mikael Nemeschansky, and copywriter Anssi Järvinen.

Filming was shot by directors Anders Forsman and Linus Johansson via ACNE Film, Stockholm, with producer Kalle Schröder.