VB Regulars March Under Banners

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), the Australian brewing division of Foster’s Group Limited (Foster’s), has launched “The Regulars”, an advertising campaign for VB (Victoria Bitter) beer. The campaign, online at vb.com.au, includes television commercials, print, radio, outdoor, online and point of sale material. It’s a celebration of Australian archetypes and national identity, bringing out the variety found in white male working class Australian drinking culture.

Men Who Don't Eat Quiche

A cast of 500 actors and 2500 extras marches through the streets of Ballarat, filmed by a crew of 150. Look out for cameos 20 Aussie celebrities, including Michael Clarke, Wally Lewis, Paul De Gelder, Scott Cam, Molly Meldrum, Peter Russell Clarke, Dean Jones, Michael Klim, Billy Brownless and Greg Evans. Men and women march under banners with the labels, “Men who’ve had their arm in a cow”, “Men who don’t eat quiche”, “Blokes who built a brick shithouse”, “People who dream of chucking it all in”, “The Tall Poppies”, “Men who wear shorts all year round”, “Guardians of the Mullet”, “Guys who peaked in high school”, “Blokes built like a brick shithouse”, “Blokes punching above their weight”, “The Azzas (Dazzas, Gazzas, Shazzas and Bazzas)”, “Guardians of the Mullet”, “People who chucked a sickie to be here”, “Amateur 4 Wheel Drivers”, “The Meat Tray Winners”, “Cashed Up Bogans”, “The Streakers”, “The Manscapers”, “Scale Breakers”, “Salad dodgers”, “Guys who shut their eyes but go in windmill punching”, “Men who should’ve read the instructions”, “The Brewers”, “The miniature bat signers”, and “Sheilas named Sheila”.

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The Regulars campaign was developed at Droga5, Sydney, by creative chairman David Nobay, creative team Cameron Blackley and Matty Burton, head of strategy Sudeep Gohil, business director Steve Muller, senior planner Fabio Buresti, digital director Brett Mitchell, account manager Nick Kettelhake, account executive Lucy McBurney, and agency producer Paul Johnston.

Filming was shot by director Gary Freedman at The Glue Society with director of photography Danny Ruhlmann, via Radical Media, with producers Cath Anderson and Karen Bryson, and production manager Clare Shervington.

VB staff included Carlton United Breweries marketing director Peter Sinclair, VB marketing manager Paul Donaldson and VB senior brand manager Scott McGregor.

Editors were Bernard Garry, Mark Burnett and Zen Rosenthal at The Editors.

Sound was designed by Tone Aston and Simon Lister at Nylon Studios, Sydney.

Visual effects were developed at Fuel.

VB The Regulars Newspaper Lift Out print advertisement