UPS Cardboard Epics

UPS is pushing their packaging products and services in a campaign of animated/live action television commercials developed at Psyop and Tool of North America. UPS comes to the rescue time and time again in a world of corrugated cardboard. Each of the spots finishes with a live action friendly UPS store attendant reassuring his female customer, “We do a lot more than shipping”, letting loose a few sound effects from the box he’s just packed.

UPS Gladiator


UPS presents the Presentation, a drama set in the Boardroom/stadium. A bespectacled businessman must face a chariot and lion to get his point across to the audience. All is well, with the help of a UPS gladiator.

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UPS presents The Rescue, a drama set in a shopping mall/circus tent. A woman is in danger of dropping her fragile shopping as she walks the tightrope. With the help of UPS all her packaging needs are met, getting her to the other side with applause.

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The Cardboard campaign was developed at Doner, Southfield, Michigan, by chief creative officer Rob Strasberg, creative director Karen Cathel and Jimmy Kollin, senior copywriter Michael Gorelic, art director Andrew Wright, director of integrated production Sheldon Cohn and agency producer Laurie Irwin.

The Cardboard ads were produced at Psyop, New York, by creative director Eben Mears, executive producer Lucia Grillo, producer Lydia Holness, associate producer Kay Chen, designers Ben Chan, Arisu Kashiwagi, Jungeun Jaye Kim, Kitty Lin, Helen Choi, lead technical director Tony Barbieri, technical director Andreas Berner, CG animators Jordan Blit, Kitty Lin, Pat Porter, Russ Wootton, Gooshun Wang, George Smaragdis, Consuelo Macri, CG modelers Lee Wolland, Soo Hee Han, CG lighting artists Anthony Patti, Helen Choi, Russ Wootton, Shu-Chen Lin, Genessa Chamberlain, Flash animator Jared Deal, technical consultant Thomas Goddard, lead compositor Molly Schwartz, compositors Manu Gaulot, Chris Gereg, Danny Kamhaji, Flame artists Nick Tanner and Jeen Lee.

UPS store in Whittier

Live action was filmed in a UPS store in Whittier, CA, and produced at Tool of North America by director Tom Routson, executive producers Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt, line producer Jeff Tanner, production designer Peter Benson and director of photography John Schwartzman.

Editorial work was done at The Underground by Cass Vanini and Graham Brennan. Colorist was John Cathel at Postique with producer Mike Digel.

Sound and music were produced at Elias Arts by composer Nate Morgan, sound designer Dean Hovey, executive producer Dave Gold and producer Kala Sherman. Sound was mixed at Sound Lounge by Peter Buccellato.