United Broke My Guitar

David Carroll, lead singer with Canadian band Sons of Maxwell, has taken on United Airlines with a music video, “United Broke My Guitar”. The video, posted on YouTube, has been viewed 719,866 times since it was posted on July 6, 2009.

United Breaks Guitars

Maxwell’s $3500 710 Taylor guitar was severely damaged on March 31, 2008, by United Airlines baggage handlers at Chicago. Maxwell’s attempts to get any compensation from United Airlines have been met with passing of responsibility, denial of responsibility and passive resistance. Months later, Carroll has given up trying to convince United Airlines. He has worked with Curve Productions of Halifax to launch the first of three music videos drawing world attention to the airline’s refusal to provide compensation.

Click on the image below to play the video.

David explains the creative focus for the project on his MySpace site

“United has demonstrated they know how to keep their airline in the forefront of their customer’s minds and I wanted this project to expand upon that satirically. I’ve been done “being angry” for quite some time and, if anything, I should thank United. They’ve given me a creative outlet that has brought people together from around the world. We had a pile of laughs making the recording and the video while the images are spinning on how to make “United: Song 2” even better than the first. So, thanks United! If my guitar had to be smashed due to extreme negligence I’m glad it was you that did it. Now sit back and enjoy the show.”

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