UNICEF TAP Project Celebrity in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has joined the UNICEF TAP Project with a couple of campaigns promoting the clean water fund raising effort. This campaign, featuring a cross dresser holding glasses of clean water, reminds ordinary customers, “You don’t have to be a celebrity to make a difference.” Celebrity Impersonator and Drag Queen Entertainer Alex Serpa appears as Barbra Streisand, Reba McEntire and Cher.

TAP Project Celebrity Barbara Streisand played by Alex Serpa

TAP Project Celebrity Cher played by Alex Serpa
TAP Project Celebrity Reba McEntire played by Alex Serpa


The Celebrity campaign was developed at R&R Partners, Las Vegas, by group creative director Arnie DiGeorge, senior art director Mark Naparstek, copywriter Chris Hagan, photorapher Roger Hagadone with retouching done at Liv Ducci Playground.

  • Pineneedle

    What is the matter with you pedo freaks. You’re using drag queens to promote clean water for children? I’m assuming you’re probably trafficking kids instead of actually helping them. I assume that because no one in their right mind would promote Unicef with this garbage. You have gone down such a satanic hole you don’t even know you’re inside it but we do.