Under Armour UA11 Football Online

Under Armour, the US sports clothing giant, is unveiling its first football (soccer) kit in Europe and the UK with an interactive campaign and a range of video documentaries, online at www.underarmour.com/ua11.

Under Armour Football site

The UA Create and UA Dominate boots go head to head with Nike and Adidas premium boots. The site puts together a test team called the Under Armour 11, made up of a squad of Europe’s best pro-amateur football players: Igor Ferreira, Benoit Rella, Jamie Reed, Blaise O’Brien, Dominik Aulbach, Adrian Sanguino, Johnny Nguyen, Mihael Lerotic, Chris Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, Michael Zahm. The site presents visitors with options to view each player’s career, personal football stories, and playing style through a one-minute video documentary. Visitors can also check out the player’s kit and learn more about the boots he prefers. Visitors who click on ‘check out his kit’ can see in detail a range of Under Armour apparel and click through to its online shop, or locate their nearest retailer.


The Under Armour UA11 site was developed at Perfect Fools, Amsterdam, by executive creative directors Mark Chalmers, Tony Hogqvist, art directors Oscar Asmoarp, Christian Mezofi, copywriter Ben Blench, director Gavin Elder, producers Tim Sajdak, Kathrin Spaak, Sofia Jonsson.