UBank Explains Finance on Money Box

Australian online bank is running a series of eight online videos explaining finance in simple terms so people have a better understanding of how money works. The Money Box TV campaign is introduced by Australian actress Rachael Coopes, known for her role as Sijourney in the SBS cult parody Life Support. The campaign is being rolled out on the UBank YouTube channel and iTunes podcast and backed up by the Facebook page and twitter stream.

Ubank Money Bank commercial

Credit Crunch Explained

Rachael Coopes explains what the credit crunch is all about, and how Australians are really saving their money. All with a lighthearted sideways look, Money Box will help you make the most of your money right now.

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The Recession Explained

Rachel and team cover the definition of a recession, why recessions happen, the best way to survive a recession and the difference between a recession and a depression.

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Currency Exchange Explained

Coopes and team cover the movement in the value of the Aussie Dollar, the factors that affect the Aussie Dollar and ways of trading in currency.

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The UBank campaign was developed at Three Drunk Monkeys by executive creative director/copywriter Scott Nowell, copywriter Stephen Justice, art director Michael Hughes, director Glenn Fowler, sound designer Trent Williamson.

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