Two Of Every Kind in Noah’s Ark

Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and straight people gather together for worship at Auckland Community Church every Sunday night, hosted by St Matthew in the City Anglican Church. This controversial billboard has provoked discussion in Auckland, using an adaptation of “Noah’s Ark” (1970) by British pop artist Clifford Richards.

Two of Every Kind billboard

The challenge to heterosexual dominance is provided by two female cows, female ostriches, male lions, peacocks, snails (hermaphrodites), buffalo and deer, roosters and vixens (female foxes), with Noah’s Ark and a rainbow in the background, a reference to the Biblical story of Noah taking two of every kind to perpetuate species during a flood. One issue raised by the billboard is the question of single people. Is there any place for them in Auckland Community Church?

The original 1970s poster, “Noah’s Ark”, by Clifford Richards.

Clifford Richards Noah's Ark


The Two of Every Kind billboard was developed at M&C Saatchi, Auckland, by executive creative director Todd Waldron, group account director James Johnston, account director Jo Harwood, art director James Bowman, copywriter Andrea Glidden, typographer James Bowman and illustrator Clifford Richards.