Trust Stains to Vanish

Vanish laundry liquid is presented as the way to deal with persistent stains: soy sauce, red wine and ketchup. Colours from bottles of soy sauce, red wine and ketchup, along with associated objects, bleed into the print advertisement, leaving the original containers white. “Now in 3 liters pack. Trust pink. Forget stains.”

Vanish Soy print advertisement

Vanish Wine print advertisement
Vanish Ketchup print advertisement


The Vanish campaign was developed at EuroRSCG Worldwide, São Paulo, Brazil, by creative director Rodrigo Corbari, art director Vitor Bomfim, copywriter André Baldez.

  • Mary Q Contrarie

    That is a slick ad campaign. My son gets regular nose bleeds so I would like to know how to remove dry blood stains from clothes? And What would that ad look like.