Tropical Pineapples King of Fruit

Tropical Pineapples, a new brand of fresh pineapples, is being branded as the King of Fruit in a television and print advertising campaign based in Brisbane Australia. In “Take A Bow”, the King of Fruit commercial, a woman walks home from a local fruit and vege shop with a pineapple in her bag. She becomes increasingly alarmed as she notices people bowing towards her as she passes them. Even the dog and the other fruit in the bowl recognize the pineapple as King of Fruit. References to royalty in dangerous times are made in three posters, each with green lettering evocative of a bygone era of aristocracy.

Tropical Pineapple print advertisement

Nurtured, spoilt, decapitated. The typical life of a King.
The death of a King isn’t tragic. It’s delicious.
The only it mixes with plebs is in a fruit salad.

Tropical Pineapple print advertisement
Tropical Pineapple print advertisement


The King of Fruit campaign was developed at De Pasquale, Brisbane by creative director Lars Vester, creatives Jake McLennan and Daniele Milazzo, and agency producer Matt Fryer.

Filming was shot by Ryan Renshaw via The Film Garden with producer Noelle Jones.

Photography for the print campaign was by Craig Ratcliffe.