Trends and Technology Timeline 2010 and Beyond

Coming to the end of 2009 it’s only natural that we might start thinking about where we’re heading in the future. Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction novel 2010 has cemented the coming year as a landmark in the heads of futurists. To follow that up here’s a time travel map exploring what might happen in the future, considering current trends. Click on the image for the full map. See the full A3 pdf version at

Trends and Technology Timeline Excerpt

Notes on the map… “Improvement works are carried out at weekends and travellers should check to see whether lines are still operable before commencing any journeys. Helpful suggestions concerning new routes and excursions are always welcome. If you wish to travel outside of Zone 1 you are advised to bring comfy shoes and a camera. Travellers are also advised to bring their own supplies of food and water although weapons are unnecessary if you keep to well trodden paths. Also note that travel into Zone 5 is not available for people aged over 75 years of age.”


The Time Travel map was developed by Richard Watson at with some help from Benjamin Frazer at Snap.

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