Treehouse Talk About Autism

TreeHouse, a UK charity focued on autism education, has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of early intervention for children with autism and to tell parents and carers about The campaign uses three pieces of eye-catching images showing everyday situations that families living with autism can find challenging, appear alongside the message, “The longer a child with autism goes without help, the harder they are to reach.” 300 outdoor posters will go up across England, Scotland and Wales and adverts have also been placed in national and London press. See the campaign online at Flickr.

Table in Talk About Autism print advertisement

Bath in Talk About Autism print advertisement

Bed in Talk About Autism print advertisement


The Talk About Autism campaign was developed at CHI & Partners, London, by copywriters/art directors Alan Cinnamond and Sandy Cinnamond, with photographer Tim MacPherson and typographer Craig Ward.

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  • vitaminb17

    Autism is a serious one. It is a neurological development disorder for which there is no cure. Children with autism may have discrepancy in behavioural, communication and social interaction skills. Anxiety and depression also set in with these sufferers. The solution is early diagnosis which is difficult. Training for teachers and parents, autism specific child care centres and playgroups is the key step towards tackling this problem. For more details on autism, refer

  • Anonymous

    It’s good to raise awareness… the images are cool design but a little creepy, when autism really isn’t a horrible thing. :)