Travelers Insurance Drifters

Travelers Insurance have launched “Drifters”, a television commercial featuring the music of folk singer Langhorne Slim (Sean Scolnick). The company’s iconic red umbrellas drift through the countryside and cityscapes before coming together to protect the things that people care about most.

Travelers Drifters Red Umbrellas

Langhorne Slim’s song, “Worries”, provides the musical backing for a cinematographical celebration of everyday concerns, with red umbrellas in the sky floating wherever people are, landing on representations of auto, home and business, protecting “the things you care about”.

Worries Lyrics

If you got worries, then you’re like me.
Don’t worry now, I won’t hurt you.
And, if you got worries, then you’re like me.
Don’t worry now, I won’t desert you.

If you get a chance, you put your dancing shoes on.
The country’s calling, and thats where I’m going.
Don’t know if you’re in my way, but, I’ll take you along.
I’ll take you along.

Maybe blue eyes are more of my style,
I don’t know, but I’m willing to try.
And, maybe I’m dumb for making you smile,
I don’t know, but I will in a while.
We passed a graveyard and held our breath,
We better kiss if we’re getting closer to death.

I don’t wanna miss ya,
I know it’s all in our heads,
She says “It’s all in our heads.”


The Drifters ad was developed at Fallon, Minneapolis, by creative director/art director Scott O’Leary, creative director/copywriter Ryan Peck, director of integrated production Vic Palumbo, executive producer Kate Talbott.

Filming was shot by director Frank Budgen via Gorgeous Enterprises with director of photography Ellen Kuras, executive producer Cassie Hulen and producer Alicia Richards and production manager Judy Vermeulen.

Editor/colorist was Angus Wall at Rock Paper Scissors with executive producers Linda Carlson and Carol Lynn Weaver, producer Kim Colen and editorial assistant Grant Surmi.

Visual effects were produced at A52 by VFX supervisor/Flame artist Patrick Murphy, colorist Angus Wall, Flame artists Stefan Gaillot and Mike Bliss, CGI supervisor Kirk Shintani, CGI artists Andy Hall, Paulo de Almada, Joe Chiechi, Adam Newman, Ian Ruhfass, Terry Shigemitsu, VFX producer Jenny Bright, executive producer Jenniger Sofio Hall.

Sound was mixed at Eleven Sound by mix engineer Jeff Fuller.