Toyota Believe in New Zealand

Toyota New Zealand believes that inspiration and respect come from shared values and beliefs. That’s the premise of the Believe advertising campaign, expressed in print, online, and rolling out on New Zealand television screens. “Flying Fox” and “Ski Slope”, released in June, have been joined by “Tree”.

Father in Toyota Flying Fox commercial

Filmed at Buckleton Beach, the Flying Fox spot shows the determination of one boy and his father to outdo their fellow beachgoers with their flying fox. The spot begins with the boy saying that his friend has claimed “his bach is better than ours”, being right on the beach. With the help of a Toyota Hilux and a rubber tire the two work on a plan to make advantage of their place on the hill. “We believe that if you can dream if you can do it”. Click on the image below to play the video.

A worker in a ski field resort is keen on his fellow employee but notices that she’s an admirer of the ski jumper out on the slopes. 5 am becomes the time to train for the big day when she can see him on the slopes. “We believe everyday’s an opportunity to improve”. Click on the image below to play the Ski Slope video.

“We believe a better tomorrow starts today”. A young girl wakes after a stormy night to discover that the tree in her front yard has fallen. She rescues a container of seeds and plants them with belief in the future. Click on the image below to play the Better Day video.

Toyota Believe Online

The campaign online at highlights the company’s commitment to efficient energy use and includes screensavers, desktop images, games and videos.

Toyota Believe values from New Zealand

Toyota Believe interactive games from New Zealand

Toyota Believe Ad from New Zealand

Toyota Believe Ad from New Zealand

Toyota Believe Ad from New Zealand


The Believe campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand by executive creative director Mike O’Sullivan, art director Tim Huse, copywriter Hywel James, agency producer Jane Mill, account team Mark Cochrane and Dom Henshall. Media strategist was Sally Falconer at Starcom. Toyota contacts were CEO Alistair Davis and Mark Young.

Filming was shot by director Gregor Nicholas via Flying Fish with executive producer James Moore, producer Mark Matthews and director of photography John Toon.

John Hiatt‘s “Have a little faith” was re recorded by Liquid Studios.